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Jay D. Edwards

Professor Emeritus, Retired, 2014.


Ph.D., Tulane University, 1970.

Selected Publications

The Origins of Creole Architecture. Vernacular America (e-book). Chicago: University of Chicago Press (one of fourteen articles in this reader).

Jay D. Edwards. 2014. “Introduction,” to Richard Sexton’s Creole World. New Orleans: Historic New Orleans Collection. Pp. xxv – xxxiii.

Jay D. Edwards. 2011. Creolization Theory and Odyssey of the Atlantic LInear Cottage.Etnofoor 23 (1):53-85.

Jay D. Edwards. 2011. Upper Louisiana’s French Vernacular Architecture in the Greater Atlantic World. Atlantic Studies. 8(4): 411-445.

Jay D. Edwards. 2010. New Orleans Shotgun: an Historic Cultural Geography. M. B. Hackler, ed. Culture in the Wake: Rhetoric and Reinvention on the Gulf Coast. Jackson: University Press of Mississippi.

Jay D. Edwards. 2009. Shotgun: The Most Contested House in America. Buildings and Landscapes 16.

Jay D. Edwards. 2008. Unheralded Contributions across the Atlantic. Atlantic Studies 5(2):161-201.

Hendry, Petra Munro and Jay D. Edwards (principal authors). 2009. Old South Baton Rouge: The Roots of Hope. Lafayette, LA: University of Louisiana at Lafayette press, Center for Louisiana Studies.

Jay D. Edwards and Nicholas Kariouk. 2004. A Creole Lexicon: Architecture, Landscape, People. Baton Rouge: LSU Press. (Louisiana’s historic Creole vocabulary)

Jay D. Edwards (Editor). 2002. Plantations by the River: Watercolor Paintings from St. Charles Parish, Louisiana by Father Joseph M. Paret, 1859 (In French and English). Baton Rouge: Geoscience Publications and LSU Press

Jay D. Edwards 2020. Long Distance Implantation of Vernacular Architecture Traditions: The Canadians in Early Louisiana.  Material Culture Review. 88/89: 45-78 (printed 2020).

Jay D. Edwards. 2020. Review essay: Architecture an Urbanism in the French Atlantic Empire: State, Church, and Society, 1604-1830. AAG Review of Books. 8 (3): 158-161.

Jay D. Edwards, 2017. Review: Architecture and Empire in Jamaica by Louis P. Nelson. Journal of Historical Geography. Vol. 56.


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