photo: tagueRobert Tague

Earleene Nolan Sanders Alumni Professor


Ph.D. Kent State University, 1986
M.A. Kent State University, 1980
B.A. and B.S. Duke University, 1973


Dr. Tague’s principal research is on reproductive biology, including current projects on the evolution in humans of sexual differences in the bony pelvis as an obstetrical adaptation.  Other current projects deal with homeotic transformation of vertebrae in humans, difference in anatomical variability between rudimentary and nonrudimentary homologous bones, and variation in body size between monogamous and polygynous species.

Selected Publications

Tague, RG. 2020. Commonality in pelvic anatomy among three fossorial, scratch-digging, mammalian species. Journal of Mammalian Evolution 27:315-327. 

Tague, RG. 2018. Proximate cause, anatomical correlates, and obstetrical implication of a supernumerary lumbar vertebra in humans. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 165:444-456. 

Tague, RG. 2017. Sacral variability in tailless species: Homo sapiens and Ochotona princeps. Anatomical Record 300:798-809. 

Tague, RG. 2016. Pelvic sexual dimorphism among species monomorphic in body size: relationship to relative newborn body mass. Journal of Mammalogy 97:503-517.

Courses Taught

Biological Anthropology
Human Evolutionary Biology
Human Fertility
Human Osteology
Introduction to Physical Anthropology and Prehistory


255 Howe-Russell-Kniffen Geoscience Complex
Louisiana State University
Baton Rouge, LA 70803
Phone: 225-578-6094
Fax: 225-578-4420



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