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Annual Report

Each year, the Office of Global Engagement compiles a report on the size and impact of our global community. We invite you to explore the highlights of our 2023 data below.



Enrolled international students


International scholars at LSU


Countries represented


Top Countries Represented in 2023

The following nationalities represented the highest shares of international community members on LSU's campus in 2023. 

Country Number Represented at LSU
India 175
China 165
Iran 116
Nigeria 115
Bangladesh 113
Nepal 73
Honduras 68
Ghana 58
Vietnam 51
Canada 36


Student Economic Impact

We are thankful for the huge economic impact that LSU's international student population has on our university. In 2023, international students contributed $65.9 million dollars to LSU and our community and supported 609 jobs. 

Further, in 2023 alone, 332 LSU students and recent graduates shared their skills through OPT and STEM OPT, career-launching programs for students and recent graduates in the US on certain visas. The programs offer participants 12-36 months of US employment authorization so that they can invest the skills they learned in their degree programs back into US communities. It's a win-win for students, graduates, and US employers. 



US dollars contributed to our local economy by international students


Students contributing skills through OPT & STEM OPT


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To continue learning about LSU's global community and impact in 2023, download a PDF version of our report below.