Compensation Time

Leave Guidelines for Academic, Professional and Classified Employees

PS-12, Revision: 7, Effective: November 8, 2004

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Excerpt from PS-12:  

Compensatory Leave is leave granted to eligible classified employees in lieu of cash compensation for overtime work.

Academic and Professional Employees

There is no provision for compensatory time or overtime payment when extra duty is required. 

Classified Employees

Compensatory time may be earned by classified employees who perform work beyond their normal work schedule with the approval of or at the direction of their supervisor or other administrator. The employee may be given compensatory time off in lieu of payment for the time worked.

  1. Exempt, classified employees earn compensatory time at a straight time rate (i.e., one hour worked equates to one hour of compensatory time). Non-exempt, classified employees earn compensatory time at a time and one-half rate provided that the employee actually works more than forty (40) hours in the work week.
  2. Compensatory time must be credited in the payroll period in which it is earned.
  3. An employee must be paid for compensatory time earned over 240 hours.

Use of Compensatory Time

  1. Compensatory time use is limited to those in stances in which granting the time is not in conflict with University regulations or the efficiency of the department. 
  2. Compensatory time off may be used for any personal purpose, at any time after it is earned, contingent upon departmental or other designated approval.
  3. Minimum charge to compensatory time records shall not be less than one-half hour. Beyond the first one-half hour, compensatory time may be used in quarter-hour increments.
  4. A department head may require an employee to take compensatory time off whenever, in the administrator's judgment, such action would be in the best interest of the department.