Special Leave

Leave Guidelines for Academic, Professional and Classified Employees

PS-12, Revision: 7, Effective: November 8, 2004

Excerpt from PS-12:  

Special Leave is leave with pay without loss of annual leave or sick leave granted under stipulated conditions, such as leave  to conduct official business for the University.

Leave with pay may be granted an employee by a department head or other appropriate administrative authority:

  • If the President & Chancellor determines that because of local conditions, it would be impossible or impractical for the employee to report to work.
  • For limited periods, if assignments to other than regular duties at regular locations (such as training or official travel) will prove beneficial to both the employee and the University. In the case of academic deans, the Office of Academic Affairs must review and approve such an action.
  • To participate in a State Civil Service examination or to take other examinations pertinent to the employee's position. A department may set a reasonable cap on such participation for exams.