Leave Without Pay

Leave Guidelines for Academic, Professional and Classified Employees

PS-12, Revision: 7, Effective: November 8, 2004

Excerpt from PS-12:  

Leave of absence without pay may be granted to employees for good cause. Such leaves must be applied for in writing and will be approved based upon the ability of the granting department to continue to provide on-going and necessary services. The term of the leave may not extend beyond the period for which support is committed to the position or contract. Employees approved for leave of absence without pay are expected to return to the University on the next work day after the approved leave period. Failure to return to work could result in job termination. Good cause for granting leave of absence without pay may be interpreted to include but not be limited by the following: extended illness; need to provide care for family members; education which will directly increase job effectiveness; adoption of children; or in special situations, temporary employment.