Complaint Resolution

Students who would like to report an issue, should visit the LSU Cares page.

Title IX and Sexual Misconduct

Report an employee or campus visitor for discrimination, harassment, sexual misconduct or any other violation of Title IX. 

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The LSU Ombuds Office is a confidential, impartial, independent and informal process for faculty, staff, administration, and students to seek assistance and guidance to resolve barriers to productivity and to increase the quality of their experience at LSU. The Ombudsperson encourages fairness and equity through issue resolution, communication and outreach, and systemic change and issue prevention identification. Through its mission, the Ombuds Office helps further LSU’s commitment to pursuing educational excellence.

Employee Grievances

A professional, other academic or classified employee who is seeking a solution concerning issues arising from working conditions, employment practices, interpretation of policy and/or procedure may file a grievance pursuant to PS-80. (This policy does not apply to faculty). Should a university official receive a grievance alleging discrimination, as defined in PS-1, they must refer the matter to the Office of Human Resource Management (HRM). 

Steps in the Grievance Procedure

The employee must present the written grievance to his/her department head within five (5) working days of the date of the alleged grieveable act. Any complaint alleging discrimination shall be referred to HRM for review in accordance with PS-1. The department head may meet with the employee and shall respond in five (5) working days after receipt of the grievance. 

If the employee is not satisfied with the decision at Step 1 of the grievance procedure, the employee may appeal in writing to HRM within five (5) working days after the receipt of the response from the department head. The second step appeal must state why the employee disagrees with or rejects the Step 1 decision and the department head shall be provided a copy of this appeal. The HRM representative will contact the employee as soon as possible, but no later than seven (7) working days, after receipt of the appeal, to schedule a hearing of the grievance. The HRM representative will notify the grievant and the grievant's department head of his/her decision within (5) working days following the date of the hearing. A grievance alleging discrimination will be reviewed pursuant to PS-1 and/or PS-73.

If the employee is not satisfied with the decision at Step 2 of the grievance procedure, the grievant may appeal in writing to the Office of the Chancellor within five (5) working days after receipt of the HRM decision. The Step 3 appeal must include the reasons why the employee disagrees with the Step 2 decision. After reviewing the grievance file, the Chancellor or his/her designee shall, within ten (10) working days after receipt of the appeal decide the appeal. Notice of the decision will be given to the employee, HRM and the department head. 

Advisor of Choice

May be any person chosen by the involved employee, or appointed by LSU should the employee not select someone. The Advisor’s function shall be to support and/or consult with the party during any proceeding or meeting under the complaint resolution process. The Advisor may, but is not required to, be an attorney.

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