Undergraduate Minor

  • To graduate with a minor in African & African American studies, students must complete AAAS 2000, AAAS 4020, and 12 hours of electives.
  • Of the 12 hours, six must be at the 3000 level or above and at least three hours must focus on a geographical region other than the US.
  • The electives must be chosen from at least two divisions:

Division I - History and Culture: AAAS 2410, AAAS 3024, AAAS 3120 (Non-US), AAAS 3122 (Non-US), AAAS 3901, AAAS 3902; ANTH 4050, ANTH 4051 (Non-US), ANTH 4053, ANTH 4470; HIST 2061, HIST 4055, HIST 4072, HIST 4081 (Non-US)

Division II - Politics and Society: AAAS 2050 (Non-US), AAAS 2511, AAAS 3024, AAAS 3425, AAAS 3901, AAAS 3902; POLI 4039, POLI 4078 (Non-US); WGS 2900 

Division III - Literature, Language, and the Arts: AAAS 2410, AAAS 3044 , AAAS 3341, AAAS 3901, AAAS 3902, AAAS 4322 (Non-US), AAAS 4323 (Non-US); ENGL 2674, ENGL 3674, ENGL 4173, ENGL 4220, ENGL 4674; FREN 4070 (Non-US); MUS 2000 

Note: This course listing is not exhaustive. Special topics courses relevant to AAAS offered by participating departments may be counted towards the minor requirements with prior approval from the department Chair. For additional information, contact the AAAS coordinator of African and African American Studies, 135 Howe-Russell Complex, 225-578-5246, e-mail aaas@lsu.edu, or visit the AAAS website at www.lsu.edu/aaas.

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Dept Course # Title 3000+? Non-US? History/Culture Politics/Society Lit, Lang, & Arts
AAAS 2050 Contemporary Africa   X   X  
AAAS 2410 Black Popular Culture     X   X
AAAS 2511 Race Relations       X  
AAAS 3024 African Diaspora Intellectual Thought X   X X  
AAAS 3044 Black Rhetorical Traditions X       X
AAAS 3120 Topics in History of Africa & the African Diaspora X X X    
AAAS 3122 Topics in Pre-Colonial Africa X X X    
AAAS 3341 African American English X       X
AAAS 3425 Black Women in America X     X  
AAAS 3901 Directed Readings & Research in African & African-American Studies X   X X X
AAAS 3902 Special Topics in African & African-American Studies X   X X X
AAAS 4322 Studies in African Literature X X      
AAAS 4323 Studies in Caribbean Literature X X     X
AAAS 4400 Religious Thought of Martin L. King & Malcom X X   X X  
ANTH  4050 Black Music in America X   X X  
ANTH 4051 Africa X X X    
ANTH 4053 African-American Culture X   X    
ANTH 4470 Folklore of the African Diaspora X   X    
ENGL 2674 Introduction to African-American Literature         X
ENGL 3674 Survey of African-American Literature X        
ENGL 4173 Studies in Southern Literature X       X
ENGL 4220 Black Drama and Theatre X       X
ENGL 4674 Studies in African-American Literature X       X
FREN 4064 Pidgin and Creole Languages X       X
FREN 4070 Literature of Africa and Caribbean X X X   X
HIST 2061 African-American History     X    
HIST 4055 Civil War X   X    
HIST 4067 African-American History to 1876 X   X    
HIST 4068 African-American History since 1876 X   X    
HIST 4072 The New South X   X    
HIST 4081 The Caribbean: 1492-1830 X X X    
HIST 4200 African-Americans in Louisiana X   X   X
LING 4716 Introduction to Sociolinguistics X       X
MUS 2000 History of Jazz         X
POL 4038 Blacks and the American Political System X     X  
POL 4039 Southern Politics X     X  
POL 4078 African Government and Politics X X X    
SOCL 2721 The City       X  
SOCL 4511 Minority Peoples in the United States X     X  
WGS 2900 Gender, Race, and Nation       X