Bachelor of Arts in Communication Sciences and Disorders reflects a curriculum designed to provide majors with a liberal arts education and to prepare them for entry into graduate programs in communication disorders. 

Curriculum in Communication Disorders: Total Semester Hours – 120
*As of the 2018-2019 General Catalog

Admission to a curriculum in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders requires that a student be admissible to the College of Arts and Sciences and have a grade point average of 2.50 or above on all work taken within the LSU System and on all work taken overall. Majors in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders are required to take the following courses: COMD 2050,2081, 4150, 4153, 4190, 4250, 4380, 4381, 4382, 4681, and 4383. For any of the following courses used to satisfy this requirement, a grade of “C” or higher is required: COMD 4380, 4381, 4382, and, 4383. Prospective students who have not attained a 2.50 average may petition the Department’s Committee of Undergraduate Advisors for a waiver of the 2.50 requirement based on special circumstances.

Consult “Degree Requirements of the College” in the general catalog for specific instructions regarding electives and the general education biological and physical sciences, literature, mathematics, and social sciences requirements.

*For students with a GPA that is at or above 3.50, an undergraduate honors thesis option is available. Students are encouraged to complete a thesis to secure admissions to, and funding for, competitive graduate programs in Communication Disorders.

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Freshman Year

Course Hours
General education arts course 3
English 1001 or 1004 3
Foreign language courses 8-10
General education analytical reasoning course (from mathematics dept) 3
General education humanities course 3
General education natural science course sequence 6
General education social science course 3
Total 29-31


Sophomore Year

Course Hours
Biological Sciences 2160 3
English 2000 3
Foreign language 6-8
General education natural science course 3
General education humanities course 3
Experimental Statistics 2201 4
General education social science course (2000 and above) 3
Communication Disorders 2050, 2081 6
Total 31-33


Junior Year

Course Hours
Communication Disorders 3150, 4153, 4190, 4250, 4380, 4381, 4382 23
Approved electives 6
Total 29


Senior Year

Course Hours
Communication Disorders 4590 3
1 Communication Disorders elective at the 4000 level (4383, 4751, 4752) 3
Approved electives 23
Total 29