Gregory Stone

Greg Stone 


Phone: 225-578-6627


Office: 405 Hodges

Area of Interest

Medieval and Renaissance French and Italian literature and philosophy; medieval Islamic and Jewish philosophy and its reception in Europe; literary theory and criticism

Selected Publications


Guido Cavalcanti: Poet of the Rational Animal. Routledge, 2020.

Dante's Pluralism and the Islamic Philosophy of Religion. New York: Palgrave Macmillan, 2006.

The Ethics of Nature in the Middle Ages: On Boccaccio's Poetaphysics. New York: St. Martin's Press [Palgrave Macmillan] 1998. 

The Death of the Troubadour: The Late Medieval Resistance to the Renaissance. Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania Press, 1994.

Book chapters and articles

"Ramon Llull and Islam." In A Companion to Ramon Llull, ed. Amy M. Austin and Mark D. Johnston (Leiden: Brill, 2018), pp. 119-145.

"Animals are from Venus, Humans from Mars: Averroes’s Aristotle and the Rationality of Emotion in Guido Cavalcanti’s Donna me prega.” PMLA 130.5 (2015): 1269-1284.

"Dante and the Falasifa: Religion as Imagination.” In Dante and Islam, ed. Jan Ziolkowski, (New York: Fordham UP, 2015), pp. 114-132.

"Dante's Commedia, Islamic Rationalism, and the Enumeration of the Sciences. " Doctor Virtualis 12 (2013). 

"Philosophy and the City of Man: The Islamic Roots of Western Secularism." In Mapping the Medieval Mediterranean, ca. 300-1550: An encyclopedia of perspectives in research, ed. Nichols Amity Law (Leiden: Brill, Forthcoming) [7000-word chapter book, under contract].

"Dante as Celestial Soul: The Final Verses of Paradiso in the Light of Avicenna's Metaphysics." MLN 127, Supplement 1 (2011): 99-109.

"Dante and the Falasifia. Religion as Imagination" Dante Studies 125 (2007): 133-56.

"The Nameless Wild One: The Ethics of Subjectivity Anonymous - Medieval and Modern." Common Knowledge 12, 2 (2006): 219-251.

"Sodomy, Diversity, Cosmopolitanism: Dante and the Limits of the Polis. " Dante Studies 123 (2005): 89-132.

Book reviews

“Jeanneret, Michel: J’aime ta joie parce qu’elle est folle: écrivains en fête.” The French Review

92.4 (2019)

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