Financial Support

The department makes every effort to obtain financial support for graduate students to the extent that funds are available. Sources of funds include departmental teaching assistantships and departmentally arranged support from outside agencies such as mental health centers, community or industry research programs, etc. Graduate assistants are responsible for a 20-hour work week. Duties may include grading, proctoring, office hours, acting as a lab assistant or being an instructor of record. Accepting an assistantship will not disqualify you for student loans.

Students receiving an assistantship will receive a stipend (approximately $15,050/year) along with a full tuition waiver. View the tuition and fee schedule. To be considered for an assistantship, complete graduate applications must be received by December 1 (for the following fall semester) or earlier if possible.

Since sources of funds are becoming more limited, financial support cannot be guaranteed to all students, regardless of year in the program or excellence of performance.

Some entering students may be eligible for federal work-study stipends and/or loans and are encouraged to contact the Office of Student Aid & Scholarships, 202 Himes Hall, LSU, Baton Rouge, LA 70803, (225) 578-3103, for more information about this program.

Current Program Costs

Current fees and tuition at LSU for full time graduate students range from $5,701 to $5,948 for in state students per semester based upon course load. For out of state students the range is $14,162 to $14,417 per semester. However, most of the students currently enrolled in the Psychology program at LSU have graduate assistantships.

Graduate assistantships include full tuition waivers and waiver of the non-resident surcharge in addition to their salary. As a result, students' current real costs for full time attendance range from $1,331 to $1,376 per semester. Over the last 5 years all students in the Ph.D. program in Psychology have been offered a university funded departmental assistantship, externship, or grant funded assistantship.