LSU Sociology Internship

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What is the LSU Sociology Internship?

The Sociology Internship is SOCL 3900, a junior level course that awards 3 credit hours in exchange for 120 hours of service at one of our internship partners.

Students that enroll in the course must select one of our internship partners to be the student's host site. The student then arranges a semester schedule with the selected host. The student works with the host for the entire semester and then writes a paper and gives a short presentation at the conclusion of the semester.

The work will vary from site to site but will be related to the general purpose of the organization. Students' grades are determined by the host's assessment of their performance, attendance at 3 meetings and the paper / presentation.

Are there any requirements?

Yes. Students who have earned 75 credit hours and will have a 2.5 GPA at the end of the Fall semester can enroll in the course.

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How do I become an LSU Sociology Intern?

Interested students should pick up an add form from the Sociology office in 126 Stubbs Hall and place the form with the student's information in Dr. Skylar Gremillion's mailbox. Once Dr. Gremillion completes the form the student will be contacted to get information about the internship partner of interest and approve the addition of the class to the student's schedule.  

Who contacts the host site?

Students should have an idea of where they want to go when they sign up for the internship program (see Internship Handbook) and should write the site name on the add form. Dr. Gremillion will pass that information on to the host site. Students who are unsure of where to go or who have another site in mind can email Dr. Gremillion that information and we can find a site for you.

Still Interested?

If you are interested in the internship and meet the above requirements you should contact Dr. Gremillion, the director of undergraduate studies in the LSU Sociology Program at