Kristopher Fletcher | LSU Foreign Languages and Literatures

Kristopher Fletcher 

Associate Professor of Classics 

Ph.D., University of Michigan, 2005 
Phone: 225-578-8514
Office: 307 Hodges Hall

Area of Interest

Augustan Poetry, Mythology and Mythography, Greek and Roman Epic, Hellenistic Poetry, Translation Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Historical Fiction

Recent Teaching

Latin Love Elegy, Golden Age Verse (Vergil's Aeneid), Intensive Elementary Latin

Selected Publications

Finding Italy: Travel, Nation, and Colonization in Vergil’s Aeneid. University of Michigan Press. 2014.

“Amphrysia Vates (Aeneid 6.398).” Classical Quarterly 62.2 (2012) 863–5.

“Divine Agency and Morality in Hellenistic Metamorphosis Poetry.” In Gods and Religion in Hellenistic Poetry. M. A. Harder, R. F. Regtuit and G. C. Wakkers, edd. Peeters, 2012. 81–102.

“Towards a Roman Mythography: Hyginus’ Fabulae.” In Writing Greek and  Roman Myth. Mythography in the Ancient World. R. S. Smith and S. Trzaskoma, edd. Peeters, 2013. 133–64.

"Systematic Genealogies in Apollodorus' Bibliotheca and the Exclusion of Rome from Greek Myth." Classical Antiquity 27.1 (2008) 59-91

"Vergil's Italian Diomedes." American Journal of Philology 127.2 (2006) 219-59

"Ovidian 'Correction' of the Biblical Flood?" Forthcoming in Classical Philology

Notable Activities

Paper on "Divine Agency and Morality in Hellenistic Metamorphosis Poetry" at the 9th Groningen Workshop on Hellenistic Poetry "Gods and Religion in Hellenistic Poetry," August 2008