Video Room | LSU Foreign Language Lab

FLL Movie Room

Room 234 - Audio/Video Room 

  • Complete with 55 inch x 42.5 inch inch Projection Screen.
  • An Epson Hi Definition Projector, Oppo Blue Ray DVD Player, JVC Multi Regional DVD Player ,Dolby Surround Sound system and plush audience seats which can accommodate 35 students.
  • A 12.75 feet x 47.5 inch Dry Erase board.
  • Over 1600 VHS and 1600 DVD titles in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Classical studies.
  • Additional film titles available in Japanese. For movies of other languages please contact the director of Foreign Language Lab.
  • Video Room available to Foreign Language Courses, Clubs for meetings or film screenings, and for individual student viewing.
  • VGA Adaptor for laptops (no Mac adaptors at moment - coming soon).
  • Surround Sound system.
  • Wireless Internet access for laptops, tablets, and Smartphones