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Hispanic Studies Graduate Assistants

Kassandra Gonzalez-Ramos

Kassandra Gonzalez received her BA in French and Chemistry at the University of Texas at Austin in December 2016. Upon graduation, she moved to Cagnes-sur-mer, France where she lived with a French family as an Au Pair to continue her language learning in French. On her return to the U.S., Kassandra worked as an Intervention and ESL teacher for 3 years in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She primarily focused on Elementary and Middle School education. She is now pursuing her MA in Hispanic Studies with a concentration in Linguistics at the Louisiana State University.

Collin Lightell

Collin is a recent graduate of LSU, with their bachelor’s degree in Spanish as well as Music Education. Collin has long maintained interest in both pedagogy and language-learning and is now pursuing a master’s in Hispanic Studies with a concentration in linguistics. Their goal is to broaden their understanding of second language acquisition so that they may better teach future students.