BogaziciFinding the Right Program/Location for You

Study abroad is possible for ALL majors, including pre-professional ones like engineering, mass communication and business. Through the LSU Abroad Portal, students can now narrow down their choices by location and/or major.

Ways to Use the LSU Abroad Portal to Find a Program

List All Programs

This approach displays all programs/exchanges offered through APA, including summer/intersession programs, international exchanges, domestic exchanges, etc. This list may be helpful to browse, but be warned: APA offers more than 400 programs and they are all in this list!

If you'd rather just search for a particular type of program, choose it from the list below:

  • Summer and Intersession Programs
  • International Exchange Partners
  • Domestic Exchange Partners through NSE
  • LSU Course Field Trips/Excursions (short trips associated with a particular on-campus class)


Simple Search

Using the Simple Search feature of the LSU Abroad Portal, you can search by the following parameter:

  • Program name
  • Term of program/exchange
  • City
  • Country
  • Region

For example, you can search for all programs in Europe during spring semester like this:


Advanced Search

The Advanced Search allows you to search by the following additional parameters:

  • APA Program Type (allows you to only list summer/intersession programs, international exchanges, domestic exchanges, etc.)
  • Subjects Offered
  • APA Advisor
  • Language of Instruction
  • US State (for domestic programs only)
  • NSE Tuition Plan(s) (for NSE programs only)
  • International Exchange Type (for international exchanges only)

For example, you can search for all summer programs with history courses taught in English like this:


The true power of the Advanced Search comes from mixing and matching parameters to best suit your needs. For example, you can find a list of the international exchange partners accepting fall semester exchanges with engineering classes taught in English in Asia with a couple clicks of the mouse. Finding the right program has never been easier. Give it a try!


Map Search

The Map Search allows you to narrow down your choices by clicking on a map. Start by picking a continent. Pick a country and all of the programs in that country will appear on the map. Those locations/programs will also appear in a text box with links to the program pages.

For example, you can find the APA exchange partner in Ecuador by clicking on South America and Ecuador as seen below: