Non-LSU-Affiliated Study Abroad

Despite our best efforts to provide programs and exchanges that fit the needs of LSU students, sadly we don't offer everything. If we don't offer a program or exchange, we are happy to help you make it happen. We categorize all programs and exchanges not run through APA as non-LSU programs.

In order to participate in a non-LSU program, you need to follow some additional steps to ensure course transfer and proper registration. A handful of LSU students participate in non-LSU programs each year. Stop by 103 Hatcher Hall for some advice about which ones have poor track records and should be avoided.

Note: you cannot study abroad through APA or a non-LSU program during the semester you plan to graduate. Your senior college may impose additional restrictions. Check with your college counselor and/or advisor.

Steps to Study Abroad with a Non-LSU Program

Obtain LSU Approval

Your non-LSU-affiliated study abroad program must be approved and registered with LSU. The requirements for approval are as follows:

  • The program must occur outside the US,
  • The institution that will issue your final transcript must be accredited by the host country's Ministry/Department of Education,
  • You must not be graduating the semester of your program,
  • You must take a full-time course load,
  • The host country cannot have any U.S. State Department travel warnings in effect.

If you will be studying on a program run through a US university, please ensure that their program uses its own classes and professors, or that you will be enrolled directly in an accredited overseas university through its program. Intensive language credits are transferable ONLY if you will be enrolled at an accredited university for the program; many small language institutes are not accredited.

To apply, please click the following link, which will direct you to the LSU Abroad Portal:

You will be notified by an automatic email when your application is processed. All post-acceptance paperwork is tracked and distributed through the LSU Abroad Portal. You will have to login to check your status and begin the paperwork process.

Apply to your Study Abroad Program

Once you have received LSU approval, you may apply to your study abroad program. Please contact APA if you decide not to participate and we will remove you from our records.

Go Study Abroad

Make sure you maintain full-time status (LSU equivalent) in order to keep your financial aid. If you drop below full-time status or fail to pass enough classes to earn 12+ LSU credits, you will lose your financial aid and may be required to pay back previously distributed funds, like TOPS.

Submit Official Transcript

Upon your return, you are required to submit an official (and sealed) transcript to APA at the address below:

Non-LSU Study Abroad
Academic Programs Abroad
103 Hatcher Hall
Baton Rouge, LA 70803