ITS Strategic Plan

The CTO has five key strategies that she has prioritized for 2018. These align with LSU's new Strategic Plan 2025. Specifically, they tie to:

Establishing a culture of service and operational excellence

Exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of every successful enterprise. Through continual process improvement, LSU will invest deeply in its people and modernize operations and organizational structures to ensure maximum accountability, efficiency, and productivity. All of these efforts are designed to enhance the overall campus experience, encourage creativity and discovery, and enhance the delivery of exceptional customer service to all who interact with the university.

ITS Strategies

  • Strategy 1: Institutionalize IT Governance and Good IT Practices
  • Strategy 2: Modernize IT Architecture
  • Strategy 3: Student Modernization Project
  • Strategy 4: Provide a strong and unified research infrastructure, data & capabilities to enable expansion and innovation
  • Strategy 5: Institutionalize risk management and security programs