Portfolio Management Office

What does the PMO do?

The ITS Portfolio Management Office (PMO) was formed to introduce standard project management practices into the IT system modernization efforts at LSU. The PMO is dedicated to organizing the specific skills, efforts, and resources that these projects may need. The team facilitates communication across ITS departments and project teams, applying a custom process for management that includes monitoring project timelines, expectations, and deliverables, contributing to the successful execution of each project.

IT project and purchase requests are received, evaluated, and guided through the IT Governance approval process by PMO staff.  Approved projects are prioritized based on strategic value toward the goals of the institution as well as with the availability of the resources needed to implement the solution.

Additional information regarding IT project and purchase requests can be found within the form for starting an IT project at the link below: 

Start an IT Project

Check back soon for the most up-to-date information on processes and procedures.