First Contact Mentoring Program

First ContactProgram Mission

First Contact is a support initiative for incoming and new LGBTQ+ students that connects students with trained LGBTQ+ peer mentors.


First Contact is a peer mentoring program that allows students who are just starting to come to terms with their sexual orientation or gender identity to meet and talk to another member of the LGBTQ+ community. It is designed to let these students see what it is like to be a member of a LGBTQ+ community and what resources are available to them. First Contact is not a counseling program. This program is meant to connect students with trained Peer Contacts who have dealt with related issues.


First Contact also assists students seeking to locate and connect with a community who will accept them for who they are and offer social-support as they navigate the self-exploration that comes with being a college student. Peer Contacts are connected within the LSU and Baton Rouge LGBTQ+ communities and will introduce students to these communities and offer them support as they begin to get involved. 

How to Enter the Program

If you are interested in being connected with a Peer Contact for support, please fill out the web form on the First Contact Entry Form page and click "Submit." We will use the information you provide to match you with a compatible Peer Contact who will be well-positioned to offer you the support you are seeking. Within a few days a Peer Contact will email you to set up a meeting time and place. All communication before your meeting with a Peer Contact will be via email and all information will be kept private. After your first meeting you and your Peer Contact will establish how to proceed in your process and in what ways they can offer you the support you need.

If you are interested in becoming a Peer Contact or have any questions or concerns, please email the First Contact Student Coordinator at or the LGBTQ+ Project Graduate Assistant at





If you need immediate support or assistance, please contact Student Health Center's 24-hour crisis and emotional support counseling service.

TEXT: 225-924-5781
CALL: 225-923-2114 or 877-923-2114