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About the Louisiana Survey

The Louisiana Survey is an annual series sponsored by the Reilly Center for Media & Public Affairs at Louisiana State University’s Manship School of Mass Communication.

The mission of the Louisiana Survey is to establish benchmarks as well as to capture change in residents’ assessments of state government services. The survey is further dedicated to tracking public opinion on contemporary policy issues that face the state.

Each iteration of the Louisiana Survey contains core items designed to serve as barometers of public sentiment, including assessments of whether the state is heading in the right or wrong direction, perceptions about the most important problems facing the state, as well as evaluations of public revenue sources and spending priorities. These core items are supplemented by other items designed to measure public opinion on pressing issues. Topics investigated by the Louisiana Survey have included perceptions of the TOPS program, race and gender issues, economic policy, and other timely matters that benefit from public opinion research.

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Principal Authors

Michael Henderson

Assistant Professor, Manship School of Mass
Communication & Research Director, Public Policy Research Lab

Belinda Davis

Associate Professor, Department of Political Science
& Associate Director, Public Policy Research Lab

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