Saturday Science @ LSU

Saturday Science

2015-2016 Public Lectures

This years Saturday Science @ LSU series of lectures for high school students, teachers, and the public will begin on September 26, 2015. We invite you to join us for, we think, an interesting and exciting series.

All the lectures will be held from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM in 130 Nicholson Hall on the Saturday's listed below at LSU, Baton Rouge. We hope you will join us, and will look forward to seeing you and your students.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Param Singh • Physics and Astronomy • 225-578-7513 •

Dr. Ravi Rau • Physics and Astronomy • 225-578-6841 •

Date Title of Talk Speaker-Department
Sept. 24 - "Adventures in Undergraduate Research: From Fire Ants to Foxes" Linda Hooper-Bui, School of Environmental Sciences
Oct. 31 - “Energy, Economics, and the Environment” Gregory Upton, Center for Energy Studies
Nov. 21 - “What is Toxicology, and Why Should I Care?”

Dr. Chris Green, LSU School of Renewable Natural Resources

Dec. 5 - "Vibrations and resonance in network graphs" Stephen Shipman, Mathematics
Jan. 30 - "The Nature of Earth's Surface Environments 3.5 Billion Years Ago" Gary Byerly, Geology and Geophysics
Feb. 20 - "Magnetic Materials and Solid State Cooling"

Shane Stadler, Dept. of Physics and Astronomy

March 19 - "Harnessing Chemistry to Combat Bacterial Resistance" Carol Taylor, Chemistry
April 30 - "Using Space Robots to do Science in Antarctica" Peter Doran, Geology and Geophysics