Saturday Science 2022

Saturday Science @ LSU series of lectures for high school students, teachers, and the public has been a great success. We invite you to join us for, we think, an interesting and exciting series.

All the lectures will be held from 1:00 - 2:00 p.m. at EBR Main Library, Main Room, Baton Rouge. We hope you will join us, and will look forward to seeing you and your students. Also shown on Facebook Live @LSUsaturdayscience

For more information, contact:

Dr. Param Singh • Physics and Astronomy • 225-578-7513 •

Dr. Ravi Rau • Physics and Astronomy • 225-578-6841 •

Date Title of Talk Speaker Time at EBRPL
January 29, 2022 "Physics in Fiction" Shane Stadler, Professor of Physics and Author 1 - 2 pm
February 12, 2022 "The Shortest Movies in the World" Mette Gaarde, Les and Dot Broussard Alumni Professor of Physics 1 -2 pm
March 5, 2022 "CAMD – A Light Source for Science" Richard Kurtz, Professor of Physics and Director of CAMD 1 - 2 pm
April 16, 2022 "Quantum technologies: past, present, and future" Omar Magaña-Loaiza, Assistant Professor of Physics 1 - 2 pm
September 17, 2022 "My Life As A Fish: Tales From A Museum Curator" Prosanta Chakrabarty, Professor and Curator of Fishes SEE Division 1 - 2 pm
October 1, 2022 "Tiny time machines: Using experimental evolution to predict how ocean life will respond to climate change" Morgan Kelly, Associate Professor, LSU Biological Sciences 1 - 2 pm
October 29, 2022 "Growing Crops when Challenged by Climate Change" Maheshi Dassanayake, Associate Professor, LSU Biological Sciences 1 - 2 pm
December 10, 2022 "Why Are the Tropics the Global Biodiversity Hotspot?" Kyle Harms, Mary Lou Applewhite Endowed Professor, LSU Biological Sciences 1 - 2 pm