2017-2018 Saturday Science

2017-2018 Public Lectures
This years Saturday Science @ LSU series of lectures for high school students, teachers, and the public will begin on September 16, 2017. We invite you to join us for, we think, an interesting and exciting series.

All the lectures will be held from 10:00 AM to 11:15 AM in 130 Nicholson Hall on the Saturday's listed below at LSU, Baton Rouge. We hope you will join us, and will look forward to seeing you and your students.

For more information, contact:

Dr. Param Singh • Physics and Astronomy • 225-578-7513 • psingh@phys.lsu.edu

Dr. Ravi Rau • Physics and Astronomy • 225-578-6841 • arau@phys.lsu.edu


Title of Talk
September 16, 2017
"Systems Thinking and Ecosystem Design:

Applications to Restoring Coastal Louisiana"
 Robert R. Twilley, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Science
October 21, 2017
  “Solar eclipses that changed history”
 Bradley Schaefer, Physics and Astronomy
November 18, 2017
“Hunting microbes upon the coastal sea”
 Cameron Thrash, Biological Sciences
December 2, 2017
"Bayou Corne: Bubbles and Trouble"
 Carol Wicks, Geology and Geophysics
January 27, 2018
“The underwater forest: a time capsule from the last ice age”
Kristine Delong, Geography and Anthropology
February 17, 2018
"Exercise and the Role of Mightychondria
in Health and Disease"
 Nick Broskey, Pennington Biomedical Center
March 17, 2018
“Using technology to understand mental illness”
 Alex Cohen,  Psychology
April 21, 2018
"A Journey into the World of Peptidomimetic Polymers:
Twists, Turns and Discovery"
  Donghui Zhang, Chemistry