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MS Theses and PhD Dissertations 

Listed here are the MS Theses and PhD Dissertations for our graduates. This list includes all graduates since 2007 when the Program first received CAMPEP accreditation. The MS theses and PhD dissertations for graduates prior to 2007 can be found on the LSU Digital Commons.

Completion Year Student Advisor Title
2021 Joseph Scotto Pitcher Modeling of Island Block Scatter for Intensity Modulated Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy
2021 Michelle Lis Newhauser A Generalized, Modular Approach to Treating Moving Tumors with Ion Beams
2021 Ana Dieguez Matthews Structural Shielding Considerations for VMAT
2021 Michael Stock Fontenot Validation of a Respiratory Gating System for Automated Delivery of the Deep Inspiration Breath-hold Technique
2020 James Kavanaugh Fontenot Modeling Anatomic Changes for Adaptive Radiotherapy in Locally Advanced Lung Cancer Patient Population
2020 Stephanie Wang Carver Benefits of Continuously Spaced Energies and Scanned Beams for Electron Bolus Conformal Therapy for Left-Side PostMastectomy Chest Wall
2020 Andrew McGuffey Sick Log File-Based Dose Reconstruction to Moving Targets during Lung Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy
2020 Troy Jacobs Matthews Visualization of Brown Fat Using X-ray Dark Field Imaging
2020 Audrey Copeland Fontenot Analytical Setup Margin for Spinal SBRT based on Measured Errors
2020 Krystal Kirby Carmichael Applications of Advanced Structural and Functional MRI Methods
2020 Phillip Wall Fontenot Towards Optimizing Quality Assurance Outcomes of Knowledge-Based Radiation Therapy Treatment Plans Using Machine Learning
2020 Andrew Hastings Wang Evaluation of Neutron Skyshine Contributions During Injection at an Electron Synchrotron Facility Using FLUKA
2020 Xaodong  Zhao R. Zhang Accurate Tracking of Position and Dose During VMAT Based On VMAT-CT
2020 Yibo Xie R. Zhang Comprehensive Investigation of Radiation Techniques for Whole Breast and Post-Mastectomy Irradiations
2020 Jingzhu Xu Dey

X-ray Interferometry Without Analyzer for Breast CT Application, a Simulation Study

2019 Anthony Davila  Wang Evaluating Feline Release Criteria Following Iodine-131 Therapy For Hyperthyroidism
2019 Daniel DiMarco K. Matthews Visualization and Quantitation of Radioiodine Distribution in Silver Zeolite Cartridges
2019  Garrett Otis  Wang Assessment of Excess Thyroid Cancer Risk Following a Hypothetical Radiological Incident in Louisiana and Best-Case  Risk Reduction Achieved by Thyroid Blockade
2019  Christopher Schneider  Newhauser Stray Radiation Dose from X-Ray and Proton Beam Radiation Therapies
2019  William Donahue  Newhauser Computational Feasibility of Stimulating Whole-Organ Vascular Networks and Their Response to Injury
2019  Bethany Broekhoven  K.Matthews Determination of Scatter Fractions,Albedos, andTVLs for Shielding of

Synchrotron Beamline Hutches

2019  Hanif Soysal  Dey Scintillation Event Localization in Novel Hemi-Ellipsoid Detector for SPECT
2019  Lydia Wilson  Newhauser Framework for Algorithmically Optimizing Longitudinal Health Outcomes: Examples in Cancer Radiotherapy and Occupational Radiation Protection 
2019  Cameron Sprowls  Fontenot Evaluation of Ventilation Assistance for Improving Respiratory Reproducibility in Radiation Therapy
2019  Amin Hamideh   Wang Determination of conversion factors for various calibration geometries using 133Ba as a surrogate for gaseous 131I in a silver zeolite cartridge
2018 Narayan Bhusal Dey Third Generation Gamma Camera SPECT System
2018 Elizabeth Noel Hilliard Robert  Verification and Evaluation of a Passive Intensity Modulation Device for Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy

Suman Shrestha

Newhauser Analytical Models of Neutron Spectral Fluence, Kerma and Absorbed-Dose for Proton Therapy
2018 Addie Barron Fontenot Investigation of Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Delivery Accuracy on an Elekta Linear Accelerator

John W Chapman, PhD

Fontenot Development of a Slab-based Monte Carlo Proton Dose Algorithm with a Robust Material-dependent Nuclear Halo Model

Joseph  Steiner, PhD

Jia, Guang Endorectal Digital Prostate Tomosynthesis

Paul Ethan Maggi, PhD

K. Matthews Development and Applications of a Real-time Magnetic Electron Energy Spectrometer for Use with Medical Linear Accelerators

John Doiron, MS

Carver Benefit of Intensity Modulated Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy for Post Mastectomy Chest Wall Irradiation

Phillip Wall, MS

Fontenot Database Plan Quality Impact on Knowledge-based Radiation Therapy Treatment Planning of Prostate Cancer

James Kavanaugh, MS

Hogstrom Evaluation of the Pencil Beam Algorithm and Pencil Beam Redefinition Algorithm for Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy Dose Computation

Erin Chambers, MS

Carver Design of a Passive Intensity Modulation Device for Bolus Electron Conformal Therapy
2016 Desmond Fernandez, MS Fontenot Interplay Effects in Highly Modulated Stereotactic Body Radiation Therapy Lung Cases Treated with Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy

David Heins, MS

R. Zhang Comparison of Advanced Radiotherapy Techniques for Post-Mastectomy Breast Cancer Patients

Andrew Halloran, MS

Newhauser Dosimetric Advantages of Personalized Phantoms for Quality Assurance and Research
2015 Garrett Pitcher, PhD Hogstrom Design and Validation of a Prototype Collimation System with Reduced Applicator Weights for Elekta Electron Therapy Beams
2015 Nicholas Petersen, MS R. Zhang Impact of MLC Configuration Parameters on the Dosimetric Acccuracy of 6-MV IMRT Treatment Plans
2015 Runyon Colie Woods, MS Fontenot Comparison of 3D and 4D CBCT for the Localization of Moving Targets
2015 Hatim Chafi, MS Jia Magnetic Resonance Elastography of the Brain Using an Ergonomic Driver: Assessment of Scan-Rescan Reproducibility
2015 Ryan Schurr, MS Jia Z-Spectral Modeling for Magnetization Transfer Ratio Asymmetry Calculations in Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer MRI at 3 Tesla
2015 Anthony Mazza, MS Vassiliev The Development of a Novel Silicon On Insulator Microdosimeter with Sensitive Volumes Modeled After Living Cells

Derek Freund, MS

R. Zhang Risk of post-irradiation necrosis in pediatric brain cancer patients: Proton versus photon therapy planning comparison and predictive risk evaluation.

David Byrd, MS

Wang Tube Current Modulated Computed Tomography Effective Dose and Size Specific Organ Dose Estimates with ImPACT: Total Scan versus Slice by Slice Parameters for Urogram Protocols
2014 Margaret Hernandez, MS R. Zhang A Treatment Planning Comparison of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy and Proton Therapy for a Sample of Breast Cancer Patients Treated with Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy
2014 Bart Morris, MS Fontenot An Efficient Approach to EPID Transit Dosimetry
2014 Ben Rusk, MS Carver A Dosimetric Comparison of Copper and Cerrobend Electron Inserts
2014 Melissa Lamberto, MS K. Matthews A Feasibility Study of Ultra-Short Echo Time MRI for Positive Contrast Visualization of Prostate Brachytherapy Permanent Seed Implants for Post-Implant Dosimetry
2013 Adam Watts, MS Gibbons A Secondary Monitor Unit Calculation Algorithm using Superposition of Symmetric, Open Fields for IMRT Plans
2013 David McLaughlin, MS Hogstrom Energy Spectra Comparisons for Matched Clinical Electron Beams on Elekta Linear Accelerators using a Permanent Magnet Spectrometer
2013 Lydia Wilson, MS Newhauser Simple and Fast Reconstruction of 6 MV Radiotherapy Doses to the Whole Body
2013 Kendrick Williams, MS K. Matthews Assessment of Detection and Characterization of Simulated Lung Nodules with Low-Dose CT
2013 Jean-Paul Grenier, MS Fontenot Evaluation of an Automated Delivery Verification System for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy Treatments
2013 Diane Alvarez, MS Hogstrom Impact of IUdR in Rat 9L Glioma Cell Survival for 25-35 keV Photo-Activated Auger Electron Therapy
2013 Justin Silkwood, MS Shikhaliev Spectral Breast CT: Effects of Adaptive Filtration on CT Numbers, CT Noise, CNR and CT Dose
2012 Charles Wilson IV,  MS Wang Louisiana's Suitability for a Low-level Radioactive Waste Storage
2012 Justin LeBlanc,  MS Hogstrom Elekta Electron Scattering Foil Design
2012 Nels Knutson,  MS Fontenot Proton Beam Dose Calculation in Heterogeneous Media
2012 Jeffrey Kemp,  MS Price MCVCT for Treatment Planning of Shielded Gynecological Applicators
2012 Guy Harris, MS Parker Monte Carlo Modeling of Elekta Treatment Head
2012 Geoffrey Nichols,  MS Fontenot Elekta Treatment Planning Study

Ryan Posey, MS

Newhauser Utilization of Machined Skin Collimation for Electron Therapy
2012 John Chapman,  MS Fontenot Dose Calculation for Proton Beams from a Dielectric Wall Accelerator
Matthew Roberts, MS
Comparison of TLD Dose and Reconstructed Dose for Post-Mastectomy Radiation Therapy with TomoTherapy
Matthew Sutton,  MS
K. Matthews
Delivery accuracy of Image Guided Radiation Therapy Using Elekta Infinity's On-Board Imaging
Shannon Fritz,  PhD
Characterization of Photon Counting CZT Detectors for Medical X-ray Imaging and Spectroscopy
Gordon Mancuso,  MS
Evaluation of Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Patient Specific Quality Assurance
Bobby Matthews,  MS
Development of a Monte Carlo Based Correction Strategy for a TG-43 Based Brachytherapy Treatment Planning System to Account for Applicator Inhomogeneities
Catherine Batte,  MS
Accuracy of SRS Dose Delivery Using the TomoTherapy Hi-Art System
Catherine Talbert, MS
Comprehensive Study of Parameters for Volumetric Modulated Arc Therapy (VMAT) Treatment Planning
Peter Petrek, MS
Positron Autoradiography for Intravascular Vulnerable Plaque Imaging
Chad Robertson, MS
Prototype Electron Phantom for Radiographic and Radiochromic Film Dosimetry
Todd Racine, MS
Investigations of the Energy Variation on a TomoTherapy HI-ART II Using an Aluminum Stepwedge
John Eley, MS
Segmented Field Electron Conformal Therapy with an Electron Multi-leaf Collimator
Olivier Blasi, MS
Comparison of Helical Tomotherapy and Mixed Beam Treatment Plans for Superficial Head and Neck Cancer
Ricky Hesston, MS
Dosimetric Evaluation of a Delivery Verification and Dose Reconstruction Method for Helical Tomotherapy
Shima Ito, MS
Impact of Intrafraction Motion on Post-Mastectomy TomoTherapy of the Chest Wall
Christopher Welch, MS
K. Matthews
Computed Tomography Imaging to Quantify Iodine Distribution in IUdR-Labeled DNA
Jason Matney,  MS
Determination of CTV-to-ITV Margins for Free-Breathing Respiratory-Gated Treatments Using 4DCT and the Novalis ExacTrac Gating System with Implanted Fiducials
David Perrin, MS
Segmented Field Electron Conformal Therapy Planning Algorithm
Andrew Morrow,  MS
K. Matthews
PET/CT Detectability and Classification of Simulated Pulmonary Nodules Using an SUV Correction Scheme
Scott Oves, MS
Dosimetry Intercomparison using a 35-keV Synchrotron Beam
William Hill, MS
K. Matthews
Experimental Investigation of an Electronically Collimated Radiation Detector for Location of Gamma-Ray Sources
Justin Vinci, MS
Accuracy of Cranial Coplanar Beam Therapy with BrainLAB ExacTrac Image Guidance
Allen Beardmore,  MS
Evaluation of MVCT Images with Skin Collimation for Electron Treatment Planning
Koren Smith, MS
Investigation of Superficial Dose from a Static TomoTherapy Beam
Adam Lackie, MS
K. Matthews
Directional Algorithm for an electronically-collimated radiation detector
Jabari Robinson, MS
  Verification Of Direct Brachytherapy Dosimetry For A Single Seed Implant
2006 Ashenafi
Michael Sissay, MS
  Tomotherapy For Post-Mastectomy Radiotherapy (PMRT): Comparison With Conventional Electron Beam Technique
2006 Prashanth Nookala, MS

  Modification Of CT Quality Assurance Phantom For PET/CT Alignment And Pet Resolution
2005 Kenneth Bernstein, MS

Kenneth Matthews ROC Comparison Of Acquistion Parameters For Two PET/CT Scanners Based On Lesion Detectability In A Torso Phantom
2005 Laurie Anne Kelly, MS Kenneth Matthews Performance Evaluation Of Two CZT Gamma Ray Imaging Systems
2005 John Michael Jarrett, MS

  Experimental Method Development For Direct Dosimetry Of Permanent Interstitial Prostate Brachytherapy Implants
2005 Prashanth Nookala, MS

Kenneth Matthews Modification Of CT Quality Assurance Phantom For PET/CT Alignment And Pet Resolution
2004 Ines-Ana Jurkovic, MS

Oscar Hidalgo-Salvatierra Evaluation Of A Desktop Computed Radiography System For IMRT Dosimetry
2004 Yuri Ishihara, MS

Steven Bujenovic Investigatio Of Accuracy In Quantitation of F-FDG Concentration of PET/CT
1998 Angela Stam, MS   Commissioning and Evaluation of the Plato-Brachytherapy Planning System
1997 Sharareh Nikbakht, MS

Oscar Hidalgo-Salvatierra Performing Brachytheraphy Dosimetry on Personal Computers
1996 James PatelII, MS

  An Upright Positional Device and Quality Assurance of the Treatment Planning Computer for the Mantle Field Technique
1995 Ali Rashidee, MS Oscar Hidalgo-Salvatierra Five-Year Clinical Results and Review of Physics of Prostatic Implantation with Au-198 Seeds and External Irradiation in the Management of Localized Adenocarcinoma
1994 Charles Rohrmann, MS

  Optimized Nodalization Of A Reactor Core Model For Real Time Simulation Applications
1993 Charles Aboughantous, MS  John C. Courtney A Monte Carlo Method In Contribution Response Trasnport
1993 Jane Runkle, MS  A. B. Doucet Analytical Model Of The Progression Of Cracking In Fiber-Reinforced Composites
1993 Roy Hensley, MS  Ashok Srivastava Radiation Sensitivity Of Spice Model Parameters Of Mosis CMOS Devices
1992 Hasan Murshed  Oscar Hidalgo-Salvatierra Heterogeneity Dose Corection: A Dosimetric Analysis Of External Photon Irradiation
1992 Steven Harrell, MS  Oscar Hidalgo-Salvatierra Dosimetry Of Small Fields Used In Stereotactic Radiosurgery With 15-MV Photons From A Linear Accelerator
1991 Jeffrey Kurr, MS  Oscar Hidalgo-Salvatierra A Study On The 9-MeV Total Skin Electron Therapeutic Technique
1989 J Sundar, MS Mark L. Williams
Radiative Transfer In Participating Media With Arrhenius Heat Generation
1989 Mehdi Asgari, MS

 Mark L. Williams Determination of Neutron and Gamma Flux Distribution In The Pressure Vessel And Cavity Of A Boiling Water Reactor
1989 Duane McLane, MS

 John C. Courtney A Determination Of Neutron And Gamma Dose Rates Inside The D-Rings At Waterford-3 Pressurized Water Reactor
1988 Satyajit Nadkarny, MS

 Mark L. Williams Determination Of The Temperature Distribution Due To Neutron And Gamma Heating In A Space-Reactor Shield
1988 Daniel Van Gent, MS  Ronald M. Knaus Rare-Earth Soil Horizon Markers To Determine The Short-Term Accretion In Louisiana Marshes
1988 Mary Haik, MS  John C. Courtney An Evaluation Of Angular Setup Errors In A New Patient-Isolated Transvaginal Cone System
1987 Prosonta Chowdhury, MS

 Mark L. Williams Development Of A Three-Dimensional Flux Synthesis Program And Comparison With 3-D Transport Theory Results
1987 David Heard, MS  William S.Kubricht The Treatment Of Choroidal Melanoma Using Iridium-192 Eye Plaques
1987 George Marshall, MS  Mark L. Williams A Dynamic Analysis Of The Primary System In Experimental Breeder Reactor II
1987 Mary Bell, MS  William S.Kubricht An Analysis Of Matchline Dosimetric Problems Associated With A Beamsplitter And Custom Blocks For A Three-Field Technique For Breast Treatment
1986 Rustom Dubash, MS   A Physics Protocol For Interstitial Irradiation Of Brain Tumors Using Ir-192
1986 Tracie Espenan, MS

William S. Kubricht

Comparison Of Dose Calculation Methods For A Mantle Field In The Radiation Therapy Of Hodgkin's Disease
1986 Mark Landesman, MS Mark L. Williams A Positive Moment Representation For the Angular Fokker-Planck Operator
1985 Gregory Espenan, MS

Ronald M. Knaus Determination of Aluminium in Fish Tissue by Instrumental Neutron Activiation Analysis
1985 William Fontenot, MS

William S. Kubricht Beam Characteristics Of Contact Cones For Use In Endocavitary Irradiation
1984 Paul Morakinyo, MS Mark L. Williams Calculation Of The Neutron Source Distribution In The Venus PWR Engineering Mock-Up Experiment
1984 Hosein Zadafshar, MS Robert C. Mcilhenney Acoustical Emission Techniques For Detection Of Metallic Loose Parts In A Boiling Water Reactor
1984 Mohammed Abu-Shehdadeh, MS Robert C. Mcilhenney Design of a Facility to Ulitize 600 Ci of Cs-137
1983 Howard Brodt, MS  John C. Courtney A Thermal Hydraulic Analysis Of A Pool-Type Reactor In Natural Circulation
1983 Carrie White, MS  William S. Kubricht A Methodological Evaulation Of The Energies In Degraded Electron Beams
1983 Alan Douglas, MS  William S. Kubricht Evaluation Of Photon Contamination In Degraded Electron Beams
1983 John French, MS  John C. Courtney Atmospheric Dispension Modeling Of Air Entrainable Radioactive Effluent
1983 Adolf Garcia, MS  John C. Courtney On The Accuracy Of Material Worth Profile Assumptions In Hypothetical Core Disassembly Analyses
1983 Robert Smilie, MS  Frank A. Iddings Gamma Radiation Effects On Ultrasonic Transducers
1982 Satyendra Kumar, MS  Robert Miles Comparison Of Fission Product Inventories Computed Using Matrix Exponential And G-Factor Techniques
1981 Greg Dischler, MS  John C. Courtney Safety Analysis of a Liquid Radioactive Waste Evaporator
1981 Leonard Hook, MS  John M. Larkin Methanogenesis in Marine Sediment of the Mississippi River Delta
1981 Dale Jones, MS  T. C. Shelton Hydrogen Embrittlement in FE-S Alloys (Permeation Studies)
1981 Charley Cheney, MS  Robert C. McIlhenney Radiological Emergency Response Plan for Louisiana State University
1981 Abuelgassem El-Fawaris

 Ronald M. Knaus

Monitoring of Radiocesium-137 Movement in an Open Ecosystem Under Natural Conditions
1980 Kendrick Hagius, MS

 Robert C. McIlhenny A Microcomputer Software System for the Automatic Reduction of Gamma Spectral Data
1980 Roger Staves, MS

 Dudley D. Culley Chromium and Its Effects on the Growth of Duckweeds
1980 Charles Willis, MS  W.L. French Investigation of the Suitability of Peripheral Lymphocyte Mitochondria as an Intrinsic Biological Dosimeter
1980 Abuelgassem El-Fawaris, MS Stephen A. Whipple Red Alder (Alnus rubra Bong.) as a Bioaccumulator of Indium and Dysprosium with and without DTPA
1979  Joe Burton, MS  R. E. Miles An Analysis of the Neutral Beam Injector Penetrations in Current Tokamak Fusion Reactor Designs
1979   Abdelaziz Eljabri, MS

 R. E. Miles  Gamma Heating of Grist-2 Test Cluster Pressure Boundaries During Transient Test in the Treat Upgrade Reactor
 1978  Charles  Callihan , MS

Edward S. Adler  Voids Measurement in Concrete Using Gamma Ray Backscatter Techniques
 1978  Paul Guill, MS  Mike Momeni Wind Induced Movement of Radioactive Sands from uranium Tailings Piles
 1978   Craig Greene, MS  John C. Courtney The Design, Construction, and Operation of a Neutron Activation Analysis Transfer System
 1978   Farhad Dolatshahi, MS  Robert C. McIlhenny  Preparation of Bread-Group Cross Sections for Multiple Transport Calculation-ANISN Computer Code Options
 1978  Grayson Young, MS  Frank A. Iddings Evaluation of the Output from a Bent-Beam Medical Linear Accelerator
 1977  Amarakoon Dharmaratne, MS

 Edward F. Zganjar  Neutron Capture Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy Using 252-Cf
1977   Farzad  Rahnema, MS

R. E. Miles
 High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Fuel Failure in the Absence of Core Cooling
1977   Paul English, MS John C. Courtney Design Optimazation for an Active In-Core Nuclear Heat Calorimeter: A Parametric Study
1976  Orren Williams, MS Frank A. Iddings
 Measurement of and Calibration for Gamma Sectroscopy of Mississippi River Water
1976  Glenn Keller, MS
Robert C. McIlhenny The Design and Construction of a Portable Irradiation Facility Using Californium-252
1976  Lynn Curry, MS
Ronald M. Knaus Black Willow (Salix Nigra Marsh.) As A Bioaccumulator of Radioactive Pollutants in a Fresh Water Ecosystem
1975  John Landry, MS  Frank A. Iddings  The Design and Evaluation of a Preset, Alarming, Electronic Dosimeter
1975  Russell Kracht, MS

Robert C. McIlhenny  Investigation of the Feasibilitly of Fabricating Special Thermoluminescent
1975  Calvin Bergeron, MS

John C. Courtney
Response of Thermoluminescent Dosimeters to Californium-252 Neutrons
1975  Winton Aubert, MS

 Howard Larson  Error in Prompt Feedback Reactivity at EBR-II: A Parametric Study
1974  Edmond Chen, MS  John C. Courtney  Multiparameter Display For A Nuclear Reactor Simulation
1974  Bruce Durst, MS  Darrell Cutforth Potential Carryover Of Alpha Contamination To A Reactor By Specimens Handled In A Hot-Cell Environment
1974  Thomas Greene, MS  Edward Lambermont Biological Applications of Californium-252: Utilization and Dosimetry Of An Irradiation Facility And Design Of An Irradiation Assembly For Use With Small Biological Targets
 1974  Sudesh Mahajan, MS

 Robert McIlhenny  Gamma Dose Rate Improvement In Gases By Electron-Conversion Plates
1974  Jim Morel, MS John C. Courtney
 A Comparison of Calculated And Measured CF-252 Neutron Spectra
1974  Calvin Pepper, MS  Frank A. Iddings  In-Place Determination of Cement In Concrete By Activation Analysis
1974   James Robert, MS  John C. Courtney  Penetration of CF-252 Neutrons Through Laminated Shields
1973  Ralf Czepluch, MS  Robert McIlhenny  Evaluation Of A Low-Level Radioactive Liquid Waste Gelation Procedure
1973   Lee Miller, MS  Frank A. Iddings Design And Use Of A Field Activatio Assembly
1973  Rodney Rogers, MS
 John C. Courtney  Production Of Radioisotopes For Medical And Industrial Uses With Californium-252
1972  Ernest Hamilton, MS    Digital Computer Supervision of an Analog Nuclear Power Plant Simulation
1972  Michael Pulaski, MS  Frank A. Iddings Direction of Nuclear Particle Tracks in Film
1972  Edward Landry, MS
 John C. Courtney  Discrete Ordinates Treatment of a Small Subcritical Assembly
1972   Prabh Singh, MS  M. Sabbaghian Thermal Stresses in Anisotropic Plates
1972   Merlin Stansbury, MS  John C. Courtney  Dynamic Simulation of a Pressurized Water Reactor
1972   Michael Wyatt, MS  John C. Courtney The Neutron Environment of a Cf-252 Facility
 1971  Arun Bhattacharya, MS  Myron Young  Gamma Spectral Calculations By the Moments Method
 1970  David Kiesel, MS  Frank A. Iddings  Neutron Moderator Designs for a Low Voltage Accelerator
1970   James Paulsen, MS  Myron Young  A Hybrid Computer Filter for Unfolding Gamma Ray Spectra
 1969  Joseph Bankston, MS  R. C. McIlhenney The Effects of Gamma Radiation on Thermoluminescent Dosimetry Utilizing Lithium Flouride
 1968  William Ballard, MS  R. C. McIlhenney  The Damage Effects of High Energy
1966  David Lousteau, MS  Frank A. Iddings Color Radiogtaphy
1966   Barry Chernick, MS  Harry Richardson Neutron Radiography - Utilization of Neutrons
1952   James Jackson, MS  John Christman The Effect of Biotin on Acetate Utilization