Police Services 

A Parish (County) ordinance requires all bicycles to be registered with Baton Rouge City Police. To register your bicycle, simple click on the link below:

BRPD Bicycle Registration

LSU PD is pleased to be an active member of our community. Should your organization or department wish to host a presentation or training involving LSU PD, please complete the Presentation Request Form.

LSU PD provides event services (security and escorts) per University Policy. The services contract may be  printed and submitted to LSU PD: LSU Police Services Contract.

You may contact the services coordinator by email at lsupdevents@lsu.edu or by telephone at 225-578-3231. Please ask for the Event Services Coordinator.

LSU Finance and Administrative Operating Procedure (FASOP) “LSUPD-01”, provides guidance to campuses served by LSU PD, for use of private security companies at campus events: LSUPD-01.

Police Services Contracts are only accepted by email. Contracts should be emailed to lsupdevents@lsu.edu.

In partnership with LSU Residential Life, LSU PD provides a dedicated police officer to residential communities. This service is provided daily, from early evening to early morning hours.

The value of a visible police presence during these peak traffic times is a great crime deterrent and also provides for the most rapid response possible.

A 12-hour self defense course for women with a lifetime return and practice policy!

The LSU Student Health Center collaborates with LSU PD to bring you RAD classes, a 12-hour personal safety course.

LSU, SU, or BRCC student, faculty, or staff - $25.00

General Public - $45.00

Returning Member - FREE

Contact the LSU Office of Health Promotion at 225-578-5718 or email at healthpromotion@lsu.edu for more information.

A women's self-defense class provided in (4) 2 1/2 hour blocks. Classes are available to LSU  students, faculty, and staff. There is no cost associated with this class. Please contact LSU PD at 225-578-3231 for more information.