Visual Compliance Screening Guidance and Procedures

Export control laws prohibit us from doing business of any kind with persons or entities on lists maintained against sanctioned individuals or entities (Restricted Party and Specially Designated Nationals Screening). LSU has a license with a 3rd party vendor for screening against these lists called Visual Compliance. Visual Compliance is a web-based tool that LSU uses to conduct Restricted Party and Specially Designated Nationals Screening. 

Getting Started

LSU faculty and staff can use Visual Compliance to access the screening database by registering with Visual Compliance to request a user name and log-in. LSU has unlimited licenses for official employees and departments. However, to avoid duplicative screening, it is
recommended that screening procedures designating who uses Visual Compliance are established in each department.

Steps to Get Started with Visual Compliance Links
New User Registration to obtain Username and Password Register New User
Login to VisualCompliance Link to Login to website
Email Link Received Click on the email link received by new user to complete the necessary information to submit your request for access.
Restricted Party Screening Training Module The person(s) responsible for screening shall complete the training modules for Restricted Party Screening provided by Visual Compliance, to employ their recommended best practices.
  1. Click on the link to Access the VC Training Center
  2. You will need to go to the “click here” link and send an email to also request access to the training center. Once you are granted access to the Training Center, it is recommended that you review the quick start guide.

Download Visual Compliance Guidance & Procedures Handbook (PDF)