Charge Letter

The Student Advocacy & Accountability Official may instruct a student to meet in connection with an alleged violation by sending a notification of charges letter via email to the student’s e-mail address on file with LSU.

Sample Notification of Charges Letter


[student|fname] [student|mi] [student|lname]

Dear [student|lname]:

On [incident_date], you were involved in a possible violation of the LSU Code of Student Conduct. Specifically, it is alleged that [Incident Summary]. As a result, you are charged with the following violations of the LSU Code of Student Conduct:

[Charges] - Contains a list and description of each applicable Code section

During the accountability meeting you will have the opportunity to share information regarding the incident. Please complete and bring the attached Student Statement Form and your LSU ID (Tigercard) with you to the meeting. This meeting has been scheduled for (date) at (time) on the 4th floor of the LSU Student Union. In order to access Student Advocacy & Accountability (SAA), please use the elevator located on the first floor of the LSU Student Union next to Einstein Bagels. If you cannot attend this meeting time and date, please call the main office at 225-578-4307 to reschedule. The SAA official will proceed with the Accountability meeting in your absence and will issue a decision as to your responsibility. See Section 6.4 of the Code for more information.

A student has the right to have one Advisor of their choice present during any Accountability meeting. Upon request, SAA can partner students with an Accountability Advisor to assist them through the accountability process. See Section 6.1 of the Code for more information.

(Additional custom information)

If you have a disability and need accommodations for this meeting, please notify the office prior to your meeting via email at or call at 225-578-4307 and we will make the necessary arrangements. Please visit and review the attachments to this letter for more information, including your Rights and Responsibilities as a charged student.


Student Advocacy & Accountability