Rights & Responsibilities


A Charged Student or Registered Student Organization (RSO) shall have the following rights:

  • The presumption of innocence. A Charged Student or RSO may not be deemed guilty of a violation until the Charged Student or RSO formally acknowledges responsibility or at the conclusion of the Accountability Process.  
  • To receive a Notification Letter through Written Communication of any specific allegation and Charge(s).  
  • To be provided a reasonable amount of time to respond to the Notification Letter.  
  • To refuse to comment or answer questions.
  • To present information and/or any Material Observer.  
  • To have an Accountability Outcome imposed that is commensurate with the violation.  
  • Right to be assisted by an Advisor in accordance with section 6.6
  • To retain rights as a Student or RSO until a final decision is issued by the hearing officer, UHP, or Student Conduct Appeals Committee if requested. However, a Student or RSO may be subject to an Interim Suspension, limitations or conditions as set forth in this Code.  


A Charged Student or RSO shall have the following responsibilities:

  • To be honest.  
  • To attend an appointment with the Case Manager on a specified date, time, and location.  
  • To attend an Accountability Meeting scheduled by the Case Manager if included in the Notification Letter.