BASC 2011: Step 2

students conducting science experiment

Inquiry-Based Lesson Design

In Step 2, the second course, students continue to explore teaching careers in a middle school environment. Students observe a lesson taught by a middle school mentor teacher, and then plan and teach three inquiry-based middle school lessons with a partner. They build on and practice lesson design skills developed in Step 1 while also becoming familiar with science or mathematics curricula for the middle school setting. Students demonstrate their own content knowledge in developing the lesson plans. As a result of their classroom experiences, students reflect on the observation and their teaching.

The Step 2 course emphasizes writing quality lesson plans using the 5E Instructional Model, with a focus on the importance of using appropriate questioning strategies throughout the lessons. Each week, students are introduced to exemplary instructional methods to assist them as they prepare to teach. Students develop pre- and post-assessments for the performance objectives of their lessons. For their final project, students analyze and modify one of the lessons taught, using data received from the results of the pre- and post-assessments. They also are required to provide rationale for any lesson modifications, and reflect on feedback from their mentor teachers and the course instructor who observed the lesson.

At the end of the Step 2 experience, students are generally ready to make a decision about whether they want to pursue a pathway to teacher certification through the GeauxTeach program.