EDCI 3136: Reading in Content

Secondary School Reading in Content Subjects

The content and focus of the course is the use of reading strategies exclusively in the content areas of science and mathematics. This course is required for students pursuing secondary science or mathematics teaching certificates. Secondary School Reading in Content Subjects enables students to be perceived as and educated to be both subject specialists and teachers of reading.

Science and mathematics teachers have historically focused on content acquisition rather than the competencies required to enable content acquisition. The purpose of literacy is to increase the learning of critical content. In this course, science and mathematics teachers must shift their thinking about curriculum design and delivery, moving away from simply covering the available content to instead focusing on organizing curriculum experiences around compelling critical content and then developing plans and teaching routines which ensure that all students master that content.

One of the goals of an educational system is to help students become more strategic readers. A reading program that implements successful comprehension instruction increases students’ interest and success in reading, providing students the intrinsic motivation needed for continual learning. Learning to read and reading to learn are interrelated processes that lifelong learners use to refine and expand what they currently know and believe about the world.