EDCI 4500: Instructional Models for Mathematics & Science

class group photoInstructional Methods is the capstone course in the sequence of required education courses and is required before GeauxTeach students student teach. Instructional Methods is the course in which the major themes of the GeauxTeach Program—integrated content of mathematics and science learning, infusion of technology in representation, analysis, modeling, assessment and contextualization of the content, field-based experiences, and equity—converge into an exciting and intellectually challenging culminating experience.

Whereas in Classroom Interactions, students gain experience designing a sequence of several lessons that they teach to a high school class, in Instructional Methods, students design full units of connected lessons—a skill that is required during student teaching. This also provides students with the experience of managing lessons and students outside a classroom, in a field setting.

The Instructional Methods course emphasizes choosing from a variety of appropriate teaching styles, depending on the type of material and the learning objectives, with project-based instruction being just one possible alternative. In addition, this course requires students to incorporate various technologies into the units they plan.

When students complete Instructional Methods, they are fully prepared for Apprentice Teaching.