MATH 3003: Functions and Models

professor instructing students in classroom

Functions and Modeling is a requirement for math majors in the GeauxTeach program. In this exploration of secondary mathematics concepts, prospective mathematics teachers are expected to do the following:

  • Deepen and broaden function-related mathematical content knowledge from algebra through calculus
  • Make connections between college mathematics and secondary school mathematics
  • Build preliminary knowledge of professional and state mathematics curriculum standards
  • Use reflective and collaborative learning and develop a stronger sense of professionalism and leadership
  • Become efficient seekers and presenters of mathematics content knowledge and history
  • Explore and learn appropriate use of technology in the mathematics classroom

A point is made to cover content that is traditionally glossed over by secondary teachers but is essential to preparing students for university mathematics courses. This slighted content includes parametric and polar objectives, linear and matrix algebra, regression aspects of statistics, and growth and decay exponential models.