GeauxTeach STEM Program Options

LSU GeauxTeach offers one undergraduate route and two graduate routes that students can enter to explore the possibility of earning teacher certification in mathematics, sciences, and computer science. These routes, collectively titled GeauxTeach STEM, are built around a core of undergraduate courses that students in all three routes take together. From the first course in each route, all GeauxTeach STEM students are integral parts of a strong community, and all are invited to participate in the STEM GeauxTeach Student Organization and to hang out in the GeauxTeach Lounge located in Prescott Hall. Our program includes Master Teachers, who are experienced STEM educators, and all staff members who each provide advisement services and support to students in all three GeauxTeach STEM certification routes. 

Teaching is a challenging career, not necessarily the right choice for everyone. The first course in each of these three GeauxTeach options will put you into a classroom to try out the teaching experience. In these courses you will be supported by our excellent and experienced teaching staff. This is a way to dip your toe in the water and see if this might be right for you, either now, immediately after graduation, or at sometime in your future after gaining some work experience in your primary field.

GeauxTeach STEM

Undergraduate Option

Geaux Teach students working on an assignment

The undergraduate GeauxTeach STEM option is the route in which students majoring in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics complete all teacher certification requirements as undergraduates. These four departments have Secondary Education concentrations that incorporate all of the pedagogy courses, and culminates with a full semester of student teaching under the guidance and mentorship of a certified teacher.

Alternative Certification STEM

Post-Baccalaureate Option

Geaux Teach student helping two elementary school students.

The GeauxTeach STEM Alternative Certification option is open to students in any STEM department in the College of Science or the College of Engineering. It provides a route to teacher certification in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics, or Physics. This program requires 5 pedagogy courses to be woven into your undergraduate program of studies. Following graduation you enter into a 1-year post baccalaureate Teaching Internship in which you are the sole instructor in the classroom, receiving full pay as a beginning teacher. This is the ideal route for students who might like to consider a switch to teaching sometime in the future, after beginning your career in your primary STEM field.

Alternative Certification Computer Science

Post-Baccalaureate Option

Geaux Teach students working on laptops.

The GeauxTeach STEM Alternative Certification for Computer Science option is specially designed for students majoring in Computer Science who might like the option of transitioning into teaching immediately after graduation or at some later time in their career. Students in this pathway take the CS with a Second Discipline: Education concentration offered in the Division of Computer Science and Engineering. As with the general Alternative Certification route, teacher certification requirements are completed following graduation in a 1-year paid internship.