Faculty Senate Executive Committee

The Faculty Senate Executive Committee consists of 7 elected officers: a President, a Past President, a Vice-President, a Secretary and 3 Members-at-Large. The elected term for officers shall be one year.  The Executive Committee implements policy as directed by the Senate. In addition, it represents the Senate in dealing with the University officials and others, assists the President in the execution of official duties, prepares agenda for Senate meetings and appoints nonelected members of Senate committees.  Please contact facultysenate@lsu.edu for more information.


inessa bazayev
Inessa Bazayev
Faculty Senate President
Paula G. Manship Professor of Music Theory
School of Music
College of Music and Dramatic Arts
Mandi Lopez

Mandi Lopez
Faculty Senate Past-President
Professor - SVM
Director Laboratory for Equine and Comparative Orthopedic Research
Veterinary Clinical Sciences (VCS)
School of Veterinary Medicine


Daniel Tirone
Faculty Senate Vice President
Associate Professor
Political Science
College of Humanities and Social Sciences


kevin ringelman
Meredith Veldman
Faculty Senate Secretary
Associate Professor
Department of History
College of Humanities and Social Sciences
parampreet singh
Parampreet Singh
Faculty Senate Member at Large
Professor of Physics &
Adjunct Faculty at Center for Computation and Technology
Department of Physics & Astronomy
College of Science
kevin ringelman
Kevin Ringelman 
Faculty Senate Member at Large
Associate Professor 
kyla kazuschyk
Kyla Kazuschyk 
Assistant Professor
College of Music and Dramatic Arts
Faculty Senate Member at Large
Election: August 29, 2022
sarah williamson-richard

Sarah Williamson-Richard

Faculty Senate Administrative Coordinator