LSU A&M Faculty College Policy Committees

The faculties of most individual colleges and schools have policy committees or senates to help carry out faculty responsibilities in establishing and reviewing educational policy. These bodies serve the additional functions of advising University administrators of faculty opinion on nonacademic matters and of aiding the Faculty Senate elections committee in the conduct of Senate elections. (LSU Faculty Handbook, Rev. 10/29/2012, College Policy Committees/Senates, Page 6)

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LSU A&M College/Department Chair(s) Contact
College of Agriculture Richard Vlosky 
College of Art and Design Gerald Bower 
College of Business Gary Sanger 
College of the Coast and Environment Kam-Biu Liu 
  Kevin Armbrust 
College of Engineering Fereydoun Aghazadeh 
College of Human Sciences and Education Arend Van Gemmert 
College of Humanities and Social Sciences Alan Baumeister 
LSU Law Christin Sautter
LSU Libraries Marty Miller 
Manship School of Mass Communication    
College of Music and Dramatic Arts James Murphy 
  Brett Boutwell 
  Matthew Vangjel 
College of Science Juan Lorenzo 
School of Veterinary Medicine John Hawke