Course Proposal Review Process

  1. Submission of Proposal
    1. Instructor/Course Coordinator submits the ILC Course Proposal.
  2. Course Proposal Distribution
    1. Course proposals are gathered and sent to the Faculty Senate ILC (FSILC) committee for review on the 1st or 15th of the month.
    2. The course proposals will be sent to two FSILC committee members for review.  
    3. Once the course proposal is disbursed to the reviewers, the reviewers have two weeks to complete the Course Proposal Review Rubric.  The rubric and any comments will be brought to the full committee at the next FSILC committee meeting after the two-week review. The FSILC committee will discuss the course proposal and make final recommendations.  Please note this process could take a minimum of 4 weeks during the academic year. If submitted during summer, the process will be delayed until fall or spring semester.
  3. Course Proposal Recommendation
    1. The full committee will vote to:
      1. Approve as is
      2. Approve with modification
      3. Table for consultation
      4. Deny
    2. The Chair will not sign the Signature page until the course has been approved by the committee (majority). 
  4. Course Proposal Tabled. When an ILC course proposal recommendation is ‘table for consultation’, the course coordinator/instructor must complete one of the following and re-submit the proposal:
    1. attend ILC open office hours;
    2. meet with the two FSILC Committee members whom reviewed your proposal; or
    3. request a meeting with your FSILC Committee college representative.   
  5. Course Proposal Modification
    1. When an ILC course proposal is ‘approved with modifications’, the course coordinator will receive a Modification Form to be completed within two weeks and sent to
    2. The completed modification form will be reviewed by the at least two FSILC committee members who will either approve, deny, or request further modifications.
  6. Course Proposal Approval
    1. Once the course has been approved by the committee, the Chair will sign the signature page and send to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
    2. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will forward the signature page of the FSILC approved course proposal to the Office of Academic Affairs for final approval.
    3. A course is not officially approved until the Office of Academic Affairs has signed the signature page.
    4. The Office of Academic Affairs will keep the original signature page on file and send a copy to the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.
    5. The Office of Institutional Effectiveness will work with the registrar’s office to ensure timely inclusion in the course catalog.
  7. Course Implementation
    1. The course, as it was approved, will be implemented in the following Fall or Spring semester.  The course will not be added to the ILC course catalog until February 2022 with full ILC implementation in August 2022.
  8. Course Renewal Review 
    1. When an ILC course proposal is ‘approved,’ it is expected that the course will proceed as described in the proposal.
    2. All courses will be reviewed on a five-year review cycle. This is five years from the date they were approved by the Office of Academic Affairs.
    3. The proficiency and dimensions aligned to the course cannot change until the course is up for renewal (every five years), unless the course chooses to DROP from the ILC program and reapply by submitting a new course proposal form.  It is recommended that the new course proposal form be submitted and approved prior to dropping the course from the program, otherwise there may be a semester where students would not be awarded general education credit.
  9. Assessment Process Change Form
    1. An Assessment Process Change form may completed if the course proposal was submitted and approved prior to April 1, 2021 and the course coordinator would like to reduce the number of dimensions being assessed.
    2. Ideally, the direct measures used to assess the dimensions will not change during the five-year period. However, the committee realizes that there may be exceptions, particularly if the assessment data suggests that change is needed to either the process or the direct measures chosen.
    3. The FSILC Committee will review the Assessment Process Change Form and determine whether the requested change is approved or if additional information is needed to make a determination.

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