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The LSU Faculty Senate is the representative governing body of the Faculty Council. It determines educational policy that is implemented by Administration. It also voices opinions and sentiments of the Council on any matter within its jurisdiction as indicated by the LSU Board of Supervisors or otherwise. The Faculty Senate may suggest action, inquiries or recommendations to the LSU President and/or the Executive Vice-President & Provost. The LSU Faculty Senate encourages participation in faculty governance by all faculty members. To submit thoughts, comments, or ideas, please email facultysenate@lsu.edu

What Every Faculty Member Should Know in December 2022

Zero-Based Budget: 

Enrollment Management and Student Success: 

New Library:

Why You Should Get an ORCiD:

Faculty Teaching Colloquium:

The meeting of the LA Senate Concurrent Res 6 Legislative Committee (tasked with investigating tenure) has been indefinitely postponed. The Association of Louisiana Faculty Senates (ALFS) and the LSU Faculty Senate Executive Committee are monitoring developments and will keep you posted.

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