In Memoriam

To honor the memory and accomplishments of our faculty, The Office of Academic Affairs ensures that memorials are prepared for each LSU faculty member who was either an active or retired member of our academic community upon his or her death.  The links (if available) contain brief biographical information, links to tributes and obituaries, and when possible bibliographies of the individual's articles, books, and book chapters.  Memorials are post by year in alphabetical order. If you have questions about the memorials or would like to submit items for consideration, please  email


Klei, Tom (School of Veterinary Medicine)

Seibenaller, Joe (Biological Sciences)

Ceppos, Jerry (Mass Communications)

Wheeler, Sassy (School of Education)


Constantinides, Dinos (School of Music)

Cowen, James (Oceanography & Coastal Sciences)

Hagen, Scott (Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Office of Research and Economic Development )

Marx, Brian (College of Agriculture)

McGuire, Jean (College of Business)

Murai, Norimoto (College of Agriculture)

Stowe, John (LSU Libraries)

West, Paul (LSU Law)


de Caro, Frank (Department of English)

Dowling, Jonathan (Physics and Astronomy)

Johnson, Martin (Mass Communication)

Pittman, Steve (Internal Audit)

Plummer, Ward (Physics and Astronomy)

Srivastava, Ashok (Engineering)


Allen, Troy (African American Studies)

Buttry, Stephen (Mass Communication)

Culbert, David (History)

Howes, Dustin (Political Science)

Pulsipher, Allan (Environmental Studies)


Dellinger, Barry (Chemistry)

Snyder, Henry (English)


Godke, Robert A. (Animal Sciences)

Joseph, Cheney (Law Center)

Oliver, Elisabeth (English)

Walker, Harley "Jess" (Geography)



Dokka, Roy (GeoInformatics)