Judicial Branch


The Judicial Branch is comprised of the University Court, the General Court, the Election Court, and the Judicial Staff.

The branch meets at 7 p.m. each Monday of the Fall and Spring semesters in the Red River Room on the third floor of the Student Union. Except for certain private deliberations and proceedings, all meetings of each court are open to the public.


Judicial Repository

The Judicial Repository is the database of all public records of the judicial branch. The repository is a helpful tool to all Student Government officers, prospective litigants, interested parties, and members of the public when understanding the judicial process of the LSU Student Government. The repository is updated frequently and is designed to keep the public aware of the cases before the courts of the judicial branch. Questions regarding the repository should be directed to sgjudicial@lsu.edu.

View the Repository



Filing Templates

The following links are submission templates before the courts and are the preferred method of the judicial branch. Address each email to sgjudicial@lsu.edu and place the name of the document as listed below in the subject line. If the filing is any document other than a complaint or petition, include the docket code of the case before the name of the document as listed below.


court meeting in classroom