Programming, Support & Initiatives Fund (PSIF)

What is PSIF?

Student Government's Programming, Support and Initiatives Fund (PSIF) was created to support new student organizations, organizations hosting conferences on campus, as well as organizations hosting late-night programs for students.

Applications are accepted throughout the year and are due 6 weeks before the proposed event. 

How does my organization receive funding?

  1. Submit the Student Organization Funding Request Form to be considered for PSIF funding. You must do this at least 4 weeks prior to your event. (The PSIF chairperson will contact you within one academic week of your submission)
  2. Meet with the PSIF Committee. Based on your proposed plan and budget, the committee will grant full funding, partial funding, or no funding to your organization.
  3. If your organization is approved for PSIF funding, you must schedule and meet with the Student Government Program Manager within five (5) academic days. Please bring all prior paperwork and related details to LSU Student Union, Room 150 for your meeting.

Funding Restrictions

PSIF may NOT provide funds for the following:

  • To purchase alcohol
  • To support a program or event where alcohol is present
  • To purchase gifts, gift cards, prizes, awards, trophies, or anything of the like
  • To purchase clothing
  • To purchase decorations for events, including flowers.

*Note that all state purchasing guidelines and University policies must be adhered to with any funds allocated by this committee. Failure to comply may result in loss of funding.

Other PSIF Information and Guidelines

  • Items bought with PSIF money must be disposable, i.e. paper products, food, plastic utensils, etc.
  • Items which a student can benefit solely from are prohibited, such as flowers, gift cards, reusable table linens, etc.
  • If awards are bought with PSIF money, the award itself must stay on LSU property at all times. If text (such as names or the LSU logo) is printed on the award, it must go through the university's approval process.


The fund was created when the LSU student body passed a $2.00 self-assessed fee by a referendum in the Spring 2000 Student Government General Election (1999-2000 Student Senate Concurrent Resolution 24). This fee is assessed to all full-time students during each fall and spring semester. The purpose of this fund is to distribute funds to support the Student Government Spring Concert Event, Homecoming Concert Event, and paid admission concert series, and to provide funding to Recreational Sports Club Teams, the chartering of new student organizations, student organization sponsored conferences, and late-night, alcohol-free activities. PSIF was amended in the Spring of 2002 to include the disbursement of a one-time donation by the Coca-Cola Company. This donation was broken into two funds including the Coca-Cola Programming Support Fund and the Multicultural Leadership Cabinet Fund. These two funds have since been depleted.

The LSU student body passed a $1.00 self-assessed student fee by a referendum in the Spring 2002 Student Government General Election (2001-2002 Student Senate Concurrent Resolution 35). The purpose of this fee was to raise the current Programming, Support and Initiatives Fee to cover expenses incurred in the establishment of Late-Night, On-Campus, Alcohol Free Activities.

The LSU student body passed a $2.50 self-assessed student fee by a referendum in the Spring 2005 Student Government General Election (2004-2005 Student Senate Concurrent Resolution 42). The purpose of this fee was to raise the current Programming, Support and Initiatives Fee to increase the Spring Concert Fund by $2.00 and the Paid Admissions Concert Fund by $.50.

The PSIF Committee meets biweekly on Thursday's at 4:30 p.m. in the LSU Student Union. Once your application is received, you will be contacted by the PSIF Chair for a specific date and time to present your information to the committee.

Presentation Information

If your application is approved for review by the PSIF Committee, you will receive an email with a specific date to present to the committee (required per the bylaws). The representative must have knowledge about the event and the organization's budget.

The presentation style is informal. Handouts are encouraged, but not required. No PowerPoint presentation necessary. Please be prepared to present the following information:

  • What’s the mission of your organization?
  • Give detailed information on the event that you are seeking funding for.
  • When and where will the event take place?
  • Why are you traveling to this event? Hosting this event?
  • Have you received funding from PSIF, ORF, or the Senate Contingency before? If so, when was the most recent occasion?
  • Does your organization hold any fundraising events? If so, were any held to contribute to this trip/event? Why or why not?
  • If you are not awarded funding, how will you carry out your plans?

Meetings - Fall 2022

This semester, meetings will be held on Thursdays from 6:00 - 7:00 p.m. in the Student Union Tchoupitoulas Room (452). The meeting schedule is listed below:

2022 Fall PSIF Schedule:

 Note: PSIF will only meet on these days if there is a presentation to be heard.

Contact Us:

The PSIF Committee is chaired by a representative of Student Government. The PSIF accounts are managed by the Student Government Financial Coordinator.

  • PSIF Committee Chair: Myles Gordon 
  • PSIF Advisor & SG Program Manager: Cortney P. Greavis

If you have any questions, please email or call 225-578-5727.