Student Senate Funding 

Who can get funding from Student Senate?

The Student Senate (Legislative Branch of Student Government) can provide supplemental funding for student organizations and departments at LSU. However, student organizations may need to approach ORF (undergraduate student travel to conferences) or PSIF (on campus events/new student organization initiatives) prior to reaching out to Student Senate to see if their request is eligible to receive funding from another source.

In order to receive funding from the Student Senate, your organization or department will need to complete an application and have a Student Senator write a finance bill on your organization’s behalf.

If you need any assistance with finding a Senator to sponsor a finance bill or have any questions, please send an email to

How does my organization receive funding?

  1. Verify whether funding request should first go to ORF (undergraduate student travel to conferences) or PSIF (on campus events/new student organizationn initiatives).
  2. Submit the Student Organization Funding Request application prior to the date funding is needed. Organizanizations are encouraged to submit applications at least 2 weeks in advance of trip or event. The application can also be found by logging into TigerLink and searching for Student Government's organizational page.
  3. Meet with your assigned Student Senator to discuss funding request so a finance bill can be written and submitted to the Speaker of the Student Senate.
  4. Present your funding request at a Student Senate Budget & Appropriations Committee meeting and answer questions.
  5. Present your funding request at a Student Senate meeting and answer questions.
  6. If your organization is approved for Student Senate funding, you must schedule and meet with the Student Government Financial Coordinator within five (5) academic days. Please bring all prior paperwork and related details to LSU Student Union, Room 150 for your meeting. The SG Financial Coordinator can be contacted at (225) 578-5727.

What documents are required by the University?

  • If travel occurs, (1) an approved AS516 (Request to Travel for Non-Workers) is needed for the student organization with a list of all travelers and student ID numbers listed and (2) proof of trip travel insurance
  • If professional services will be funded (i.e. speakers, entertainment) appropriate forms must be supplied as warranted (compliance IRS W-9, PUR-CR, PUR-CB, PUR-SS). The actual forms required are defined by the Office of Purchasing’s guidelines and object codes for personal, professional, consulting and social services based on the actual cost of services provided (contracts may be required)
  • If food will be served, an approved AS499 (Request for Special Meal) from Accounting Services must be submitted
  • Dependent upon cost of items to be rented or purchased, the organization may have to participate in the bid process as defined by the Office of Purchasing.

What is the process of a finance bill?

Finance Bills are first introduced during the New Business portion of a Student Senate meeting and immediately referred to the Committee on Budget and Appropriations. Once the finance bill is introduced, the funding allocation process will take an average of two weeks.

The following Tuesday, the Budget and Appropriations Committee will hear and debate the finance bill. The finance bill will either pass favorably to the full Student Senate or fail depending on the outcome of the majority vote by the committee members. 

If the finance bill passes to the Student Senate, Senators can question and debate the bill before a final vote is taken. Finance bills require a 2/3 vote and may be amended by Senators during either meeting.

When are relevant meetings held?

Budget & Appropriations Committee Meetings
Tuesdays at 7:30 p.m.
Humphrey T. Olinde Boardoom (256F)|
LSU Student Union

Student Senate Meetings
Wednesdays at 6:30 p.m.
Capital Chamber, LSU Student Union

A representative of the organization is not required to attend the first reading of the finance bill, but they are required to attend both the committee meeting and the Student Senate meeting where the finance bill will be heard and debated.

Are there any restrictions on funding from Student Senate?

Student organizations who are eligible for funding from ORF (undergraduate student travel to conferences) or PSIF (on-campus events/new student organization initiatives) must first apply for funding through one of those sources and be denied before they can request funding from Student Senate. 

The Student Senate will not fund the following:

  • Alcohol or an event where alcohol is present
  • Clothing and uniforms
  • Charitable donations
  • Decorations for events
  • Salaries, stipends, and scholarships
  • Gift cards or cash awards
  • Retroactive spending (already expensed line items made by the organization)

Student Senate will allow food and drinks to be funded up to $13.00 per student based on anticipated attendance numbers. The only exception to this is when the cost of food is included in the registration fee for an event or trip.

Events funded by the Student Senate can NOT charge an admission fee to LSU students and must be advertised as a free event for students.