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The LSU Student Health Center Office of Wellness and Health Promotion offers MyStudentBody, an online comprehensive health education program. The updated MSB Essentials course focuses on alcohol, drugs, and sexual violence prevention education. This course is required for new LSU students. 

If you are a student who completed the MyStudentBody Essentials Course in a previous semester, you do not have to complete it again. 

Complete the Essential Course

Completing MyStudentBody Requirement

  1. Login using this link
  2. Log in using your MyLSU username and password
  3. Click take now under the Essentials Course header.
  4. Take the Alcohol, Drug and Sexual Violence modules of the Essentials course. Complete them by the deadline with a passing score of 80% or higher on all post tests. 
  5. After course completion, you will take a survey and then you will claim your certificate of completion Print a copy for your records.
  6. In the 90 days following our completion of the course, you will receive an email from MyStudentBody prompting you to answer an optional follow-up questionnaire.

If you do not complete the requirement, you will have a hold on your account and will not be able to add or drop classes from your schedule. You will still be able to pay your fee bill and your classes will not be purged. You will have to complete the Essentials course to lift the hold to schedule classes. The hold will be lifted within 48 hours of successful course completion (≥ 80% on each of three sections).

  • What course do I complete? You need to complete the Essentials Course, which includes three modules: Alcohol, Drugs, & Sexual Violence. You must complete the pretest and earn a score of 80% or higher on the post test for all three modules. 
  • Are my answers confidential? Your responses will be kept anonymous, and will not be associated with your name. For those of you who are visiting to fulfill a requirement, a completion certificate will be sent to the administrator you designate once you have visited all the sections of the course and passed the post test, but this notification will not contain any information about your individual responses. We respect your privacy.
  • Why is LSU requiring this for first-year students? There are numerous studies that show that the first few months of college are a very important time in the overall academic career of a student. In our experience at LSU, we have also observed that many of the alcohol-related disciplinary incidents occurring each semester involve first-year students. Additionally, in recent academic years we have had alcohol-related student fatalities, some of which might have been prevented if the victims or bystanders had been more knowledgeable about alcohol. We offer this program with the intention to help reduce alcohol-related disciplinary incidents and other problems for first year students at LSU.
  • Who do I contact with additional questions? If you have additional questions about campus procedures related to, or if you need a disability accommodation, please contact the MSB Administrator in the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion by email at
  • I am a return user and have forgotten my user password. Help! Enter your user name (your MyLSU ID) and click the “forgot password?” link (inside the user name/password box for returning users). A pop-up window will appear, type in your user name (your MyLSU ID) and click submit and you will see your password reminder.
  • What software applications do I need to be able to view and hear everything on the website? On the bottom of the homepage, you are able to download the three programs that uses: Adobe Acrobat Reader, Adobe Flash Player and RealPlayer.
  • I failed to pass the knowledge quiz numerous times in a row. I want to take it again, but it won’t let me. What should I do? The MSB course allows each student numerous attempts to pass the post knowledge quiz of any MSB course. If you have been denied access, contact the MSB Administrator in the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion by email at
  • I am trying to complete the required course at I have read all the articles and strategies, and the word "DONE" appears by each one, yet I can’t seem to move on to the next section. What do I need to do? You will be automatically transitioned to the next screen once you have completed all of the course content. Take a second to run through the lists of articles, strategies and tools. Make sure each item has the word “DONE” printed next to it. If not, then complete those areas. To complete each section, you must select the “Return to Course” button at the bottom of the page. Hitting the back button will NOT register the piece as completed. If the word DONE appears next to each article, strategy and tool, and you are convinced that you have read all course content, but you are still stuck, then do the following: 1. Close your browser completely 2. Reopen it 3. Visit and click on designated link to log back in to where you last left off in the course, and will automatically take you back to your last stopping point after you have logged in, to continue on to the post knowledge quiz. If this does not work, please send an email describing the problem to
  • Where can I get references for the content on MSB? All MSB content was developed with input from college students as well as experts in the field. Content is reviewed on a regular basis by our editorial staff and Advisory Board in order to keep all referenced research and statistics current. For further reading on any topic covered in MSB, click on the “references” link at the bottom of any article to find a list of related literature.
  • What do you mean by “personalized information”? Based on how you answer the questions in Rate Myself, you will receive immediate tailored feedback that is relevant to you and your lifestyle. You will also be directed to content marked with a yellow check mark that is relevant to your behaviors.
  • How can I find information that relates to my school, and where I live? At the top right of every page of the website, you can find the EMERGENCY INFO section, which contains emergency contact information at your school. The “Alcohol State Laws” tool in the “Trouble Brewing” section of the website contains alcohol-specific laws that you can search by state.
  • I'm under 21. How do I make sure no one sees my answers about my drinking? All of the information you give us is completely confidential. You do not have to worry about anyone seeing it.
  • There is an alcohol-related issue that should be addressed on the website. Who should I write to? On the bottom of each page of the website, you will see a link to "Contact Us." You can submit your comments and suggestions there.
  • What do I do if I am still having problems? Please review the “Course Help” Links at the bottom of the page after logging in to

If you are having technical problems (pages not opening correctly, tools not working), please contact with a description of your problem, and the steps that you took immediately prior to the problem. If you need more information about how MSB is used here on campus, or a disability accommodation, please contact the MSB Administrator in the Office of Wellness and Health Promotion by phone at 225-578-5718 or by email at

If you are having problems accessing MyStudentBody due to issues with the website, please contact directly.