Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award

General Description: 

Within graduate universities teaching assistants generally play a major role in the instructional program of undergraduate students.  At the freshman level (1000- and 2000- level courses) teaching assistants make up a significant portion of the instructional program.

While the importance of the teaching assistant is easily established in terms of University management data, it is not uncommon to find local situations where teaching assistants function as if the teaching duties are of secondary importance to their own program of study and research.  It is natural for the teaching assistant to yield to pressures from their own course work, language exams, general exams and dissertations and, as a result, not to provide the high quality teaching which should be a condition of their appointment to the teaching assistantship.

The Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award is intended to recognize outstanding teaching ability and service to students.  The award acknowledges and emphasizes the important role teaching assistants play in providing quality academic instruction.


The nominations are limited to graduate teaching assistants who have an academic or fiscal year appointment.


The recipients (2 awards) will be presented with a cash award of $1,000 and an engraved plaque.

Criteria for Nominations and Selection: 

An individual nominated for an Alumni Association Teaching Assistant Award should possess the following attributes:

  • A record for excellence in teaching.
  • A record, which is indicative of a genuine interest in students.
  • Outstanding relationships with other teaching assistants, faculty and staff.
  • Demonstrated leadership in the promotion of better instructional programs.

Nomination and Selection Procedure: 

Nominations for the award may be initiated by any professional staff or faculty member within the University.  A resume should be attached with the nomination letter, and letters of recommendation should include a letter from the applicant’s department head.    The supporting data must include criteria by which the nominee’s competency and service to students are judged and also a statement from the nominee outlining his/her goals.

Alumni Association Teaching Assistant (TA) Award Documentation Requirements

  • One letter of nomination (no more than 3 pages)
  • Resume of the nominee (no more than 4 pages)
  • Teaching philosophy of the nominee (1 page)
  • Optional 1-page description of outstanding contributions as a TA
  • A minimum of two and no more than three letters of support from current or former students

Nominations must be submitted electronically no later than Friday, February 16, 2024 to