Current Students: Scholastic Drop/Summer Only

SDSU is a retention program offering an opportunity to those UCAC students who have been scholastically dropped to overcome their academic weaknesses and to achieve good academic standing.

The program includes educational workshops and individual counseling with the goal of enabling students to totally eliminate their quality point deficits (i.e., raising their LSU/cumulative grade point average(s) to a 2.0, and thereby regaining their academic eligibility for the fall semester.

For those students who may have quality point deficits that are not able to be totally eradicated during the summer term, the program is still a viable opportunity for enabling them to significantly reduce their deficits enough to be considered for readmission at the conclusion of their scholastic drop status

Students must attend a mandatory orientation session and sign an enrollment contract attesting to their understanding and commitment to the goals and stipulations of the program.

All students who are eligible to participate in the program will receive a letter asking them to select a 1st and 2nd choice for their SDSU orientation. **Participants will NOT be able to schedule courses until they have attended orientation.**

There are two (2) groups of UCAC students who are eligible to participate in this program:

  • Students dropped for the first or second time after the spring semester.
  • Students scholastically dropped for the second time after the fall semester. (Note: To participate in the program you must apply for re-admission to the UCAC through the Office of Undergraduate Admissions - 110 Thomas Boyd Hall (225) 578-1175.)

If you are interested in participating in this program and would like more details, please contact the UCAC-SDSU program coordinator at (225) 578-8281 or