Certificate in Veterinary Medical and Biomedical Sciences

Certificate Details

The Certificate in Veterinary Medical and Biomedical Sciences program in the LSU Vet Med Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences is designed to further develop the scientific knowledge and problem-solving abilities of the student. In this non-research certificate program, students expand their knowledge of the physiological sciences that comprise the core curriculum. Related sciences through advanced elective courses complete the program. 

Who is this certificate for?

This certificate program is for students who want to enhance their competitiveness for admission into veterinary medicine programs, graduate and other medical and professional degree programs, or for career opportunities in biomedical, animal or public health fields.

What will students learn?

The certificate program study plan involves core and elective coursework in gross anatomy, cellular biology, physiology, immunology, and neuroscience. Full-time certificate program students should complete their study plan within two semesters with an accumulation of 16 to 18 credit hours. 

Courses focus on first year professional level biomedical sciences, which will support future professional or graduate student success by familiarizing the student with advanced level content, veterinary medical faculty, and the professional program environment. Depending on the institution and program, these graduate-level courses may also be transferrable toward the requirements of an advanced degree program.

Admission Requirements

Admission into our certificate program will require completion of a bachelor's degree program from an accredited institution and a grade point average of at least 3.00 on a 4.0 scale in all undergraduate work and graduate work already completed.

How to Apply

Applicants will be evaluated by the Comparative Biomedical Sciences Department Advisory Committee. 

Apply to the Certificate Program

Tuition and Fees

Graduate tuition costs for the certificate program and its associated fees are located on the LSU Budget and Planning page under Tuition and Fees >Graduate, or can be determined at the Graduate School's Cost Calculator page. Students usually take 8 hours one semester and 9 during the other semester.


Brooke Dubansky, PhD

Graduate Certificate Advisor and Professor

Department of Comparative Biomedical Sciences

(225) 578-9202


Certificate Requirements