Veterinary Clinical Sciences

Department of Veterinary Clinical Sciences faculty members instruct veterinary students, interns, and residents in the art and science of veterinary medicine, undertake clinical research for the benefit of both animals and humans, and provide specialized care for animal patients from Louisiana and surrounding states.

The department currently has more than 55 faculty members and more than 45 interns and residents who support state-of-the-art patient care in the Veterinary Teaching Hospital.

VCS offers graduate programs at the MS and PhD levels and has an average of 15 graduate students at any given time. Most master’s programs are linked to residencies, which can be applied for through the Veterinary Internship and Residency Matching Program. Programs not linked to residencies may  be arranged through individual faculty members.

Research and Facilities

VCS faculty members and graduate students conduct clinical research for the benefit of animals and humans. Research areas include equine health, ophthalmology, theriogenology (reproduction), surgery, dermatology, oncology, orthopedics, and more.

Our People

Frank Andrews

Frank Andrews


Department Head

Director, Equine Health Studies Program

Professor of Equine Medicine


Name Position Service Email
Katie Bakalis Intern Integrative Medicine 
Timothy Brunner Intern Zoological Medicine 
Shelby Ficher Intern Emergency & CriticalCare 
Theresa Frey Intern Food Animal 
Edelicia Garcia Intern Food Animal 
Phonchein Gau-Pan Intern Anesthesia 
Izabel Grazian Intern Shelter Medicine 
Sydney Hall Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Sarang Im Intern Emergency Medicine 
Kylie Landry Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Navjit Mahal Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Bruna Messler Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Paulo Novelo Intern Equine Medicine & Surgery 
Barbara Ontoveros Intern Equine Medicine & Surgery 
Halley Penticoff Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Joseph Preston Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Eliza Richartz Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Eden Stark Intern Small Animal Rotating Internship 
Lauren Vincent Intern Anesthesia 
Yen-Tse Wu Intern Emergency & Critical Care 
Loni Albrecht Resident Small Animal Internal Medicine 
Alasdair Botting Resident Equie Medicine 
Hannah Gafen Resident Ophthalmology  
Hugo Gonzalez Resident Zoological Medicine 
Jacquieline Hansen Resident Diagnostic Imaging 
Fional Herzog Resident Theriogenology  
Brittany Hodgkiss Resident Medical Oncology 
Kaitlyn Ieradi Resident Equine Surgery 
Robin Jolly Resident Small Animal Internal Medicine 
Tomoe Kadowaki Resident Emergency & Critical Care 
Heather Kloft Resident Small Animal Surgery 
Yen-Hao Lai Resident Radiation Oncology 
Regan Lee Resident Equine Medicine 
YeonHee Lee  Resident Behavior 
Jocelyn Lee Resident Small Animal Internal Medicine 
Enjolie Levengood Resident Small Animal Internal Medicine 
Jiaqi Li Resident Oncology 
Syon Link Resident Cardiology 
Nicholas LInzner Resident Diagnostic Imaging 
Marley McInnis Resident Dermatology 
Melanie Mironovich Resident Ophthalmology 
Francisco Morales Resident Equie Surgery 
Devin Osterhoudt Resident Diagnostic Imaging 
Ashok Padmanabhhan Resident Emergency & Critical Care 
Tithipong Plangsangas Resident Zoological Medicine 
Nadia Richmond Resident Clinical Pathology 
Murphy Sachse Resident Small Animal Internal Medicine 
Mchael St. Blanc Resident Equine Medicine 
Achilles Tang Resdient Small Animal Surgery 
Brandon Thibodaux Resident Small Animal Surgery 
Victoria Van Resident Diagnostic Imaging 


Name Program Mentor Email
Kalie Beckers DVM/PhD Jenny Sones 
Priscilla Devora DVM/PhD Mark Mitchell 
Katie Metcalf MS Shannon Dehghanpir 
Nadia Richmond MS Shannon Dehghanpir 
Xiao Niu PhD Mandi Lopez 
Kimberly Boykin PhD Mark Mitchell 
Alasdair Botting MS Frank Andrews 
Renee Carter PhD Carlos Pinto 
Corinne Mayer MS Javier Nevarez 
Alexandra Mason MS Mark Mitchell 
Francisco Morales MS Laura Riggs 
Linda Paul PhD Heidi Banse 
Rita Aoun PhD Mandi Lopez 
Michael St. Blanc MS Britta Leise 
Takashi Taguchi PhD Mandi Lopez 
Pengju Wang MS Mandi Lopez 
Md. Sanower Hossain PhD Mandi Lopez 


Name Title Area Email
Theresa Cosper-Roberts Associate Clinical Specialist Surgical Training Center 
Callie Culbertson Research Associate EHSP 
Lee Ann Fugler, DVM, PhD Post-doctoral Researcher Large Animal 
Frank Garza Research Associate Large Animal 
Nikole Ineck Research Associate Large and Small Animal 
Sarah Keeton Research Associate Mixed Services 
Michael Keowen Research Associate Large Animal 
Victor Medina, MVZ Research Associate Large Animal 
Rita Perry Research Associate Large Animal 
Catherine Takawira Research  Associate LECOR 

Mailing Address

Veterinary Clinical Sciences

LSU School of Veterinary Medicine

Baton Rouge, LA 70803

Name Title Duties Email
Debbie Blanchard Faculty Support Coordinator Faculty recruitment, interviews, and job advertisements/postings 
Elizabeth Day-Schick Faculty Support Coordinator Faculty, Staff, Locum, and PLE contact, expense reports 
Kevin Oubre Academic Coordinator House Officer, Graduate Studies, PAVE/ECFVG contact