Permission for Photography and Videography

I am the owner or a duly authorized agent of the owner of the below described animal(s). I authorize the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to have my animal(s) photographed or filmed and, if necessary, to interview me or others regarding this animal. I further authorize the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine to use photographs and/or videos of my animal and information obtained for educational purposes, in newspaper articles, school brochures, or other printed materials, or for broadcast on radio, television, websites, social media sites, or other electronic media. I understand that the LSU SVM will have final editing approval over all images and text related to my animal.


I authorize that all information provided on this application, including any and all personal data may be shared with the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine for publicity. This data will be retained indefinitely. 

To learn more about privacy at LSU, please see the LSU Privacy Statement.  



Ginger Guttner, MMC, APR

Director of Public Relations